Drew Barrymore reveals she’s dating “Someone From My Past” on The Drew Barrymore Show +2023

After many jokes about her lackluster dating life, Drew Barrymore revealed on tonight’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show that she finally has a new man in her sphere — and the actress-turned-talk-show host couldn’t help but gush about the mystery guy to guest host Gayle King.

Barrymore opened up her Drew’s News segment by opening up about the “positive experience” she’s had with her dating app. That 50 first dates star explained the things she looks for in a relationship, including sending postcards and making a plan. Simple things if you ask us.

“Someone I’ve hung out with likes to send postcards,” she said. “And no one I’ve been with in years would be willing to do that, and it seems such a small thing.”

While Barrymore didn’t reveal who she was dating, she did tell audiences that it was “someone from my past that I wouldn’t have otherwise met,” adding that it “was the unique spin that I wasn’t expecting.” “.

When King asked about the current status of their relationship, the actress said, “You’re still seeing. And so far it has proved to me: that there are people out there who can be nice, he calls, I get a postcard, we make a plan.” We love to see!

As for King, who’s still single and ready to mingle, she’s looking for a man who isn’t intimidated by her success to share her life with – but he has to be bigger than her.

“It’s very superficial, but I want someone who makes me feel like they can just put me over their shoulder and say, ‘Come on Gayle!'” she told the audience, to which Barrymore joked, “The Guy I date couldn’t.”

Alright Drew! We love a little king!

The Drew Barrymore Show airs weekdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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