dress leggings and houndstooth coat +2023

Dressing very elegantly is not incompatible with comfort and Alba Carrillo has shown it with her Saturday night look. With basic and comfortable garments, very much in the wardrobe, very stylish outfits are achieved and are ideal for Christmas parties. The model has built the simplest with dress leggings and an elegant coat.

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Alba Carrillo knows that leggings are the new pants and that fit in all kinds of occasions. From outfits to go to work to sports and, yes, also at night and partying. The key is how you combine them.

Alba Carrillo

Alba Carrillo has combined basic black leggings with low, high-leg cowboy boots that have a slimming effect on the legs and an elegant houndstooth coat. The coat is oversize and does not add sizes when wearing very tight pants -or in this case dress leggings-. A basic black top, as we see in her Instagram stories, completes her total black, which has a different point thanks to the coat.

The black and white pairing always works, a classic in elegant fashion that combines with everything. With pretty makeup, raspberry or Viva Magenta lips (according to Pantone’s guidelines for 2023) and some striking and more festive earrings, we already have the perfect look for a dinner or lunch that we have in pairs at this time of year.

Houndstooth, the most elegant print of all

The houndstooth print or pied de poule It has always been among the favorites of fashion experts, especially in jackets, suits and skirts. Of course also in coats. She has the power to make any combination of simple garments goes to the category of infallible and this night look by Alba Carrillo is the best example of this.

Houndstooth is one of the classic prints that reappears every year and that has an amazing ability to adapt to new trends. In this case, you just have to see how it fits into a look of a garment as basic as leggings and the favorite footwear of fashion prescribers: cowboy boots. Despite how fast everything is going in fashion, the houndstooth print is very present in the fashion collections of this Fall/Winter 2022-2023.

Alba Carrillo

As for how to combine it, it goes with everything, but without a doubt, Alba Carrillo’s option is the most recurrent and at the same time elegant. With a total black it is how it best fits although it can be worn with other more vibrant and trendy colors like green or classics like red.

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