Double Cleansing: With these products to radiant skin

Double Cleansing: With these products to radiant skin +2023

Thanks to the magic of Double Cleansing, we declare war on blemishes. Because the double cleaning means that blackheads no longer stand a chance.

Pore-deep cleaning is not done in one step. Mild products and a double application are the minimum to achieve radiantly beautiful skin. Because too often dirt from everyday life ends up in our pores and clogs them. The result is pimples and inflammation if we don’t cleanse our skin properly.

Double cleansing – the biggest hype in the beauty industry

There are always new trends in the beauty industry, which reach us quickly thanks to clever marketing. Not every trend is always really valuable, but it is with the double cleaning you do a lot of things right. After all, it’s not for nothing that they say “double is better”. A proverb according to which we should also treat our skin to make it look more beautiful not only for the moment, but also in the long term tighter to keep. A correct cleansing method also protects our skin from premature aging. But how exactly does this double cleansing actually work and can it be easily integrated into the normal skincare routine? The answer to the second question is definitely “YES”! The more routinely we deal with our skin, the sooner it can find peace. We will now show you how to proceed with the double cleaning.

Double cleaning – this is the best way to go about it

The Koreans did it, we’re doing it. The Korean Skincare, which is now also popular in this country, has already been used by many users for a glowing skin, also known as Glass Skin. Simply by being in the products the right fabrics exist and are used correctly. An important part of this care and cleaning method is the double cleansing – the first step in your skincare routine.

  1. Choose an oil-based facial cleanser, because cleansing oils loosen up all residues on the skin and make it more mobile.
  2. Wash off the cleansing oil.
  3. This is followed by a cleansing lotion, with which you massage your facial skin for 40 to 60 seconds so that impurities are dissolved.
  4. Then wash off this cleaning product with lukewarm water.
  5. Now you continue with your usual routine.

The procedure is pretty simplybut it is also important that you take time for it. If you’re already rushing at skin care, you’re also tense inside, which leads to stress, which in turn leads to a sallow complexion.

Which cleansing products suit my skin type?

Not every skin tolerates every cleansing product. With normal skin you are very lucky and can actually fall back on everything. This is different for oily, dry and combination skin.

Oily/prone to blemishes

Skin is oily, so need a cleanser that dries out? Wrong, because dehydration only fuels sebum production again as the skin tries to protect you from dry skin. This is a completely natural mechanism, but it often results in pimples. Grab one instead mild foam back for the first step of your double cleansing. A cleaning oil would be counterproductive here.

For the second step follows a moisturizing balm. Because moisture is what your skin lacks the most. With the right product, you cleanse and care for your skin at the same time.

combination skin

If you have combination skin, finding care products is not always easy. But unlike oily skin, you can definitely use one cleaning oil use. It should not have any clogging or drying ingredients. It is best to choose a non-comedogenic product. They do not contain substances harmful to the skin, which is why they do not irritate.

In the cleansing milk it is best to pay attention to a high-quality product. However, it does not have to be expensive, because high quality does not mean a high price. Cheap cleaning products are also a good addition to your care routine.

Dry skin

Dry skin should not lack moisture. A cleaning oil is not primarily responsible for this, but can definitely be used for your skin type to prepare the pores for the second cleansing. Since oils don’t dry out, you have a lot of freedom of choice here, but a product that doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens or silicones – all comedogenic substances by the way – is still the best choice.

The cleansing balm you also choose according to your skin type and avoid those that irritate your skin, for example due to aggressive ingredients. Water-based toiletries are a good option, especially if they’re fortified with glycerine as a moisture-binding agent.

What do I have to consider when doing a double cleanse?

Not every skin tolerates so much cleansing. At easily irritated skin it is rather less advisable to burden them with a double cleaning. What helps better is long massage a mild cleansing balm.

Just like over-care, you can also over-cleanse your skin. Then it reacts with pimples, redness or dehydration. To prevent this from happening, you can generally make sure cleaning products that are not overly formulated to use no matter what skin type you have.

It can take at least two weeks for the skin to get used to a new care routine, so give your skin time. However, if you notice a strong negative change in your skin after you have started the double cleansing, it is best to stop it.

Is there an alternative to double cleaning?

If you cannot tolerate double cleansing, but still want to clean your skin down to the pores, you can use one BHA peeling To fall back on. This is milder than an AHA peeling and can even – for skin prone to impurities – daily be used. Just make sure it is moves in properly, before proceeding to the next step. Five minutes should be enough.

To a AHA peeling you shouldn’t give up anyway. Once or twice a week applied, it works the dirt out of your pores so that your skin can shine again. AHA peelings are perfect helpers with blemishes because, among other things, they cell division stimulates. The skin is relieved of the inflammation and can breathe again. A nice side effect of the fruit acid peeling is that anti-aging effectwhich is why the peeling is now used for many skin types.

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