Dot scallop manicure: new nail art trend is easy and stylish +2023

Dot Scallop
The latest nail art trend is simple and super stylish

Dot scallop nails not only look good, but are also quick to make

Dot scallop nails not only look good, but are also quick to make


Nail trends don’t always have to be elaborate and complicated to look particularly good. With the Dot Scallop, you can achieve a nail highlight that looks much more difficult than it actually is.

Classically painted nails always work, but sometimes we need a little twist for our hands, because style and trends don’t stop with clothes or make-up. Our fingers can also become real stars, especially when we try out special nail art. That’s why we show you the “dot scallop”, a simple and really cool trend.

Dot scallop manicure: That’s behind the nail trend

Admittedly, the name sounds a bit unusual and the pronunciation alone is almost an obstacle, but behind it is actually only the description of a specific design. “Dot Scallop” means something like “bow edge” in German. A shape most often seen on the waistband of a garment – ​​and now on our nails too. Fortunately, the technique is easier than the name suggests.

This is how the nail trend works

The good news first: You don’t need any extraordinary tools, because to recreate the beautiful design, all you need is a small bobby pin and your favorite nail polish. First you paint your nails with a neutral base. Then you take the round end of the clip and dip it in the paint. Now you put four to five points that touch each other diagonally on your nail. You can also create larger distances and set fewer points. Let this dry briefly and then fill in one of the free sides. Et voilà – the style is ready. Although the design is very special, it really suits every look. If that’s not enough for you, you can also work with two different colors and choose a different tone for the dots than for the rest of the nail.

Same technique, different look

If you are enthusiastic about this method, you might also like the following variant, because a lot can be done with hair clips. You can also use a similar technique to conjure up small hearts on the tips of your nails. To do this, you simply place two small dots on the upper third of your nail with the clip and then bring them together with a brush stroke. You don’t even need to paint the top of the heart to do this, as this can benefit your nail shape. With pointed nails, this happens all by itself.


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