Does Henry Cavill’s return as Superman portend a future for Ben Affleck’s Batman in Dcu? +2023

After years of begging Henry Cavill to return as Superman in the DC Universe, we’ve finally been blessed with a small sequence Black Adam. And just as we began to cheer for Henry Cavill’s return as Superman, we were made aware that his cameo doesn’t necessarily mean his future in DC is confirmed. But luckily, the actor himself decided to end our misery and posted on Instagram that he will play Superman in a new DC movie. With the return of Cavill as Superman, fans will be reminded of another actor whose return would bring more stars to the show.

Will Henry Cavill’s return be able to bring Ben Affleck back to DC?

The disastrous Justice League can be greatly blamed for Henry Cavill’s years of disappearance superman. But as for Ben Affleck, there’s no obvious culprit. The actor revealed in an interview that he had to quit because of his drinking problems. But years later, it was announced that Ben Affleck would be in it The Lightning and aquaman 2. Again, this was no easy announcement.

The actor also said he’s done playing Batman The Lightning, but he’s at it again. Also, Affleck has only agreed to play Batman as a supporting character so far. And there is no news that the Ex girlfriend The actor will soon be starring as Batman in a solo film.

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But Cavill’s return to DC has fans more excited than ever. For them it is a great miracle that Henry Cavill is playing Clark Kent again. And given the terribly long break, we have to agree that there wasn’t a lack of anyone.

This has led fans to believe that if Cavill can come back, Ben Affleck can come back. DC has fallen way behind over the years and needs to bring back its original superheroes to get back on its feet. A Ben Affleck comeback right after Cavill’s comeback is a step in the right direction. While there’s a huge fanbase siding with Robert Pattinson for donning the black costume, DC fans genuinely believe in Ben Affleck. And with James Gunn taking over as DC’s co-CEO, fans are crossing their fingers for Ben Affleck’s return.

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