Didn’t England World Cup legend pursue Meghan Markle even though she was madly in love with her? +2023

Before settling down with Prince Harry in 2018, Meghan Markle had her fair share of affairs and serious relationships. The former American actress was first married to Trevor Engelson in 2011. However, the marriage didn’t last long and the two separated in 2013. In the meantime, it might come as a surprise that only a few months after her divorce from her first husband Meghan Markle almost dated a famous English soccer player.

During one of her trips to the UK in 2013, Markle had revealed Screenshots of her chats with the football legend to a journalist named Katie Hand. That suits Alum had revealed that the athlete was desperate for a date. Especially the The player in question played for England in three World Cups in 2002, 2006 and 2020.

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The footballer’s brother denies Meghan Markle’s claims

According to a report in mirrorrevealed reporter Katie Hind England star Ashley Cole followed Meghan Markle. He was after the actress for a date and tried to follow her on Twitter for a long time. Back then, however, Cole was famous for his colorful dating life. On the On the advice of her friends, Markle decided to drop the offer.

Meanwhile, there is a twist in the story. Ashley Cole’s brother, Matty Cole, denied the story in 2019. He had described them entire episode of his brother following Markle on a date as garbage. In an interview, Matty Cole said: “This is nonsense, completely made up. He definitely wouldn’t have to beg Meghan Markle out on a date. She’s not the kind of girl he’s into anyway, and he’s never liked her.”

Also Lizzie Cundy, wife of soccer player Jason Cundy He dismissed the rumors that Ashley Cole was interested in Meghan Markle. She came up with a new angle that says how She decided to set Markle up with Cole as the former was keen to have an English boyfriend. However, the Soccer legend seemed disinterested in the former American actress and she decided against proceeding with matchmaking.

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Do you think Ashley Cole was interested in Meghan Markle or was it the opposite? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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