Did Ryan Reynolds just announce a second season of ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ starring King Charles? +2023

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney made a genuine investment by taking over Wrexham AFC two years ago. It all started with good intentions and the hope of building a brighter future for the Welsh community. To make this more impactful, the co-owners decided to take this journey on the small screen so people around the world could be a part of this change. Hence the production of a sports documentary entitled Welcome to Wrexham started at full speed.

This heartwarming and engaging series was an honest portrayal of the ins and outs of sports culture. That Dead Pool Through this football team, Star and his partner even had the chance to win King Charles III. hold true. But did you notice that the actor appeared to be announcing Season 2 of this show? with King Charles at the helm?

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney had a meeting with King Charles

Ryan Reynolds recently shared a post from his Twitter account speaking to King Charles III with the caption: “Welcome to Season 2 of Wrexham: Charles is in Charge.” That Free guy Star and his fellow actor were visited by the royals on Friday.

The King and his wife, Queen Consort Camilla, met with the owners of Wrexham AFC to celebrate the development of this small town where the club is based. Given the efforts this duo have made to bring Wales’ heritage to the international stage, the monarchs visited her.

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The Queen Consort found their takeover “an extraordinary story” for the way they indulged. The King praised the Wales national football team for putting a spotlight on Wrexham like never before. Meanwhile, the post shared by Ryan Reynolds confused fans as to whether King Charles will be part of the series. Or the actor might have meant otherwise, since a monarch’s visit is a major achievement in itself.

Regardless, fans still asked their questions in the comments as it might change the whole view Welcome to Wrexham Series.

What do you think? What did the actor mean with his post? Do you think there will be a season 2 of? Welcome to Wrexham? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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