Did Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElehenney just mock Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? +2023

Ryan Reynolds has found a friend for life in Rob McElhenney. They buy multi-million dollar football clubs together; They host King Charles together at the said football club and also pretend that they have never heard of it Harry & Megan documentary together. After the spectacular reception of the Welcome to Wrexham Documentary, looks like Reynolds is again putting maximum effort (both the effort and the verb) into a season 2.

And as the current video of the King and Queen Consort’s visit to the club shows Welcome to Wrexham Season 2: Charles responsible will be a great season. Though the visit was brief and football-friendly, fans just wanted to know if Reynolds and Rob McElhenney asked any questions about the elephant in the room, aka the $150 million giant Harry & Megan Netflix documentation.

Did Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney ask the King about Harry & Meghan?

The highly-anticipated documentary, which would prove to be an extension of the infamous Opera interview, Harry & Meghan, released on Netflix on December 8th. Furthermore, the documentary caused controversy not only because of its content but also because of its timing. It came while Prince William and Kate Middleton were touring the United States. And just a day after the release, Twitter was greeted with pictures of King Charles meeting Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney along with Queen Consort Camilla.

Before the big meeting, Reynolds revealed that he and McElhenney had taken etiquette classes to meet the king. Whether those etiquette lessons also included a lesson about not indulging in drama surrounding a documentary calling the royal family is unclear. But that’s exactly what Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney did.

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When asked by the media if they would bring it up Netflix Documentary, the actors played dumb. “I have never heard of it” “I did not see itsaid Rob and Reynolds.

But seriously, Reynolds and Rob McElhenney are more worried about their own documentaries. Welcome to Wrexham, Despite being a sports documentary, it managed to strike a chord with audiences regardless of their preferred genres. The actors may not have asked the king about it Harry and Megan‘s documentary, but they sure were talking about the upcoming season of Welcome to Wrexham if Reynolds Instagram is something to follow.

Are you looking forward to another series of Welcome to Wrexham? Let us know in the comments below.

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