Did Prince William and Prince Harry settle their differences ahead of Netflix docuseries? +2023

Prince Harry and Prince William were there Quarrels since the former left the royal family. The future king stops resentment towards his younger brother for testifying in the bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. That’s the same reason that he did not visit the Sussexes during his recent royal trip to the United States with Kate Middleton. It has There was no contact between the two royal princes in the last two years and the release Harry & Megan and Spare is expected to worsen the relationship.

The six-episode series, which airs December 8, is likely talk at length about the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William. It is understood that the Prince of Wales will not be happy with the content of the show. Amid all the differences, the two royal brothers stunned fans by releasing a press statement together.

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Prince Harry and Prince William come together for a good cause

No, Prince Harry and Prince William didn’t solve their problems. They still have a disagreement and with the release of the documentaries that The chance of a royal reunion looks extremely bleak. However, despite the tensions, the Duke of Sussex and the Prince of Wales bonded remember her close friend Henry van Straubenzee, who passed away more than 20 years ago. The Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund was established in Straubenzee’s honor and helped provide education to thousands of students. However, the charitable organization is drawing to a close on Thursday with an event at St Luke’s Church in Chelsea.

Prince Harry and Prince William showed their solidarity with the organization. The royals watched very satisfied with the charity work of the foundation and they remembered too fond memories of her deceased friend. Specifically, the Palace released a press statement with the Duke and Prince’s signatures below.

“We believe everyone here tonight will agree that what Claire and Alex have achieved with the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund since 2009 is nothing short of extraordinary.” read the press release as quoted from the mirror.

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