Depilatory cream: you should know that

Depilatory cream: you should know that +2023

depilatory cream Here’s what you should know about the hair removal method

Depilatory cream: Woman depilates her legs with a depilatory cream

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Are you looking for a quick and painless method of hair removal? Then hair removal cream might be just the thing for you! Advantages and disadvantages of the cream – we will explain it to you.

depilatory cream Next to shaving, it is one of the most convenient ways to remove your hair. What you have to pay attention to when using it and what the advantages and disadvantages of the cream are, we will tell you here.

This is how the hair removal method works

The depilatory cream is a chemical method for hair removal. It is based on thioglycolic acids (thioglycolate). These are sulfur compounds that attack the keratin (protein) of the hair, decomposing the hairs and detaching them from the skin within a few minutes. The thioglycates work about a millimeter below the hair surface, just under the skin, but do not destroy the hair root.

The hair removal cream is applied to the skin areas to be treated and simply wiped off after a short exposure time. At sensitive body parts such as the bikini area or under the armpits, however, one should be careful.

Application of hair removal cream

Hair removal with a depilatory cream works conceivably simply. You only need a few minutes to get rid of annoying hairs. Three steps to smooth skin: how it works!

  1. First apply the depilatory cream to the areas of the body to be treated. Important: The skin and hair should be dry.
  2. After the exposure time specified on the package insert, you can Simply remove the hair removal cream with a spatula. Leftover cream is best wipe with a wet cloth. Alternatively, you can remove the cream in the shower. Important: Please keep to the prescribed exposure time. Otherwise, the skin may react with irritation and irritation.
  3. After hair removal you should give your skin a treat yourself to a moisturizing, alcohol-free and perfume-free (!) lotion.

Depilatory cream: advantages and disadvantages of the hair removal method

Not sure if hair removal with depilatory cream is right for you? We’ll tell you Advantages and disadvantages!


  • Compared to epilation, hair removal with hair removal cream is one painless method. In addition, unlike shaving your legs, you cannot cut yourself. This makes hair removal with cream much more pleasant.
  • The application is super easy and quick: Simply apply the depilatory cream to the body regions to be depilated, leave on for a few minutes and wash off again or remove with a spatula.
  • Depilatory cream is a inexpensive method of depilation. The cream is already available from around two euros.
  • Since the depilatory cream acts close to the skin’s surface, hair grows back softer and less stubbly.
  • With The hair-free result lasts longer for about ten days with depilatory cream than with the classic shave.


  • The thyoglycolates contained in the depilatory cream can lead to irritation or allergic reactions get on the skin. In the meantime, however, there are products that have been specially developed for sensitive skin and the respective body regions and score with skin-soothing ingredients such as aloe vera. You can test the product on the hairs of an inconspicuous area, for example on the skin on the inner wrist or in the crook of the arm.
  • Also the most strong smell is due to the thioglycolic acid sulfur compounds in the cream. It’s a good thing that fragrant creams are now available on the market.
  • are depilatory creams not suitable for depilating all parts of the body. The intimate zone and armpits are particularly sensitive. Be careful, especially if the cream says “suitable for the bikini zone”. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the case. The ingredients could attack and irritate the sensitive mucous membranes in the intimate area.

Here we explain other hair removal methods, for example removing hair with sugaring paste or Brazilian waxing for the intimate area.


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