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What really helps with depilation? We wanted to know and tested all methods of depilation and took razors, wax and sugar paste into our own hands.

Depilation with wet shaver

Depilation: Depilation quick and easy: with the wet shaver

Depilation quick and easy: with the wet shaver

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Sarah Harmsbeauty producer, shaved her legs in the shower with the wet razor.

depilation painless and without much effort – that sounds tempting. And it works. However, I have to go every other day to keep my legs smooth.

I don’t need the battery-operated, integrated trimmer for a stubble-free result when depilating. In the shower and with a thin layer shaving gel he gets wet razor my fine hair gone effortlessly. From bottom to top, that is opposite to the direction of growth, it becomes particularly smooth. I only have to be a little careful on the knees and the ankles when depilating so as not to injure myself on the blades. With a little less pressure, the razor can do that too.

  • Cost of depilation: about 11 euros for the razor, about 3 euros for the foam
  • Duration of depilation: 4 minutes
  • Success of depilation: painless smooth

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flash technology

Depilation: The big BRIGITTE test

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Christa MollerBrigitte Wir employee, relies on smooth legs flash technology.

Oooops, that’s bright! No laser, but a very strong lamp should flash away my leg hairs, so that they fall out together with the root after about a week. Doctors also use this technique.

However, the home device flashes about a third weaker. I have to shoot at my skin three times in six weeks, then it should hairless for three months be! However, I have to shave beforehand, according to the instructions for use, which contain many warnings and restrictions: do not go over pigment spots, do not irradiate one area several times, do not use deodorant with a long-term effect, do not use on dark skin, on blond, red or white hairs it does not work. Sounds complicated.

To be on the safe side, I put on a pair of sunglasses and started flashing. First of all only on the right leg. After a week of side comparison: dark blonde hairs continue to sprout on both legs. The next time I increase the light intensity, two weeks later I see a small difference – the result after six weeks is still not really convincing.

  • Costs: about 300 euros
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • Success: less hairs, but they are not gone

You can find more information and the best IPL devices in the test here.

epilate legs

Depilation: The big BRIGITTE test

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Birgit Potzkaibeauty producer, now loves the gentle pain of epilation.

Since my leg hair is very manageable, my epilator I don’t use it that often – which is actually a shame because I love it now. I admit, the first time I wanted to throw this thing in the corner: unaccustomed pain, legs covered with red spots. But now I enjoy it slight tugs, which confirms my success every time. With the integrated light, I can also visually check everything.

  • Costs: about 160 euros for the epilator
  • Duration: 2 minutes
  • Success: Even the shortest hairs are removed in a matter of seconds



Nina Brinkmanna former intern in the beauty department, had her entire bikini zone sugared by a beautician.

I’ve tried a number of depilatory products – but should I go to a beautician to have the entire bikini area depilated? But I’m not a coward! After my visit, I can now say with a clear conscience: It is worth it. It’s great that the beautician doesn’t hesitate for long: she simply pulls in small, jerky movements the sticky mass (a bit reminiscent of very viscous honey) from where really all hair stick.

And the result is terrific. Everything is smooth and my very sensitive skin is not even badly irritated. Okay, she’s red and a little warm, but not as bad as if I shaved. The pain increases from the outside in, but it’s definitely bearable. Last stubborn hairs are with a tweezers individually plucked out, I don’t even notice that anymore.

  • Costs: 45 euros for sugaring the entire bikini zone
  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Success: also makes sensitive skin baby soft

cold wax strips

Depilation: The big BRIGITTE test

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Actually, it’s quite simple: The pastel-colored stripes smelling penetratingly of essential oil briefly warmed between the palms of the handsplaced on the area to be depilated, for example the calf, and then pulled off with a jerk (perhaps not quite as courageous for me).

Unfortunately, contrary to what was hoped, only half of the hairs wanted to come along, but there was still a lot of wax stuck. Of course, I could have repeated the process as often as I wanted until all body hair was gone for a long time: an evening of pain and sticky hands, but up to four weeks of rest, that’s the idea of ​​wax depilation. But I personally prefer to use a wet razor more often in the future.

  • Costs: about 10 euros for cold wax strips
  • Duration: gave up after 10 minutes
  • Success: only for the patient

depilatory cream

Depilation: The big BRIGITTE test

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Stefanie HoefleBeauty Department Manager Barbara, smoothed her legs with depilatory cream.

After a short test phase during my teenage days, one thing is certain for me: body hair in unwanted places will be shaved off, archaically with a blade. The depilatory cream from back then, around 1988, had a strong and persistent smell. And wax strips didn’t work for me.

Today, a few cosmetic development years later, I’m starting a new cream attempt to smooth my legs rock fine. The effect of unscrewing the tube is like traveling back in time. The smell hasn’t changed, strong as it was then. Pinch your nose, continue applying cream, wait three minutes. Much faster than before! And the result is nicer too: very smooth and supple at the same time, which is probably due to the camellia oil. My legs stay smooth for four days, then fine down grows again. I apply the cream again and then neutralize the scent with my favorite body cream.

  • Costs: approx. 2.60 euros for the depilatory cream
  • Duration: 3 minutes
  • Success: an alternative when the blade is dull

warm wax

Depilation: The big BRIGITTE test

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Angela Schoeneckbeauty editor, was with warm wax depilated on the armpits.

Waxing armpits in a self-experiment, so far I haven’t had any good experiences with it. Fortunately, the so-called depiladora spreads a discreet routine, which is very reassuring.

The skin is first carefully powdered to protect it from direct contact with the heated wax (honey-based) to protect. This is tough and is applied from an aluminum pot with a spatula from a sterile bag, first a layer two centimeters wide. While it dries, the next one is placed next to it. And then: a jerk, bang, the wax is gone and with it a set of hairs. The beautician immediately puts her fingers on the spot, which strangely relieves the pain – which feels like I’ve touched a hot mug.

Around all transverse hairs to catch, and this species is mostly found under the armpits, she repeats the bang-off-fingers-on thing five times. The last hairs disappear with the tweezers.

My conclusion: It’s worth it because moderately painful, and even after 14 days only the finest hair regrowth appears. Small snag: Before removing, the hair must be about five millimeters long. Then it says: Arms down and through.

  • Costs: about 10 euros
  • Duration: 10 minutes, both armpits
  • Success: smooth skin for many days

Sugaring method

Depilation: The big BRIGITTE test

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Martina Behmfreelancer, tried the Sugaring method at home – with a recipe from the Internet.

I found a video on Youtube where user “Amy11190” shows how to do it: Simmer 1/4 cup water, 1/4 cup lemon juice and 2 cups sugar until the liquid turns a light yellow color. Let it cool down – and off you go:

Knead a lump of the viscous mass with your hands until it comes off your fingers easily and looks whitish-yellow. Then rub against the direction of hair growth with a lot of pressure on the desired areas and pull off with one or more jerks in the direction of hair growth. Ouch!

And voilà: hairs gone, at least where they were longer than about 5 millimeters. The skin is slightly red afterwards, but the next morning everything is wonderfully smooth.

Conclusion: much easier to use than wax, much smoother result than shaving. The only downside: I had to let the recently shaved areas where the hairs were shorter than 5 millimeters grow a little.

  • Costs: about 50 cents per application
  • Duration: Preparation about 1 hour. Depilation all over the body about 30 minutes
  • Success: I love it and will do it again!

Depilation Glossary

  • Bikini zone complete: Complete removal of pubic hair (see also “Brazilian Waxing”).
  • Bikini Zone Sides: Removal of pubic hair not covered by bikini bottoms.
  • Brazilian: Complete removal of the pubic hair (see also “Bikini area complete”).
  • Landing stripes: a narrow strip that stops above the labia.
  • Sugaring: a mixture of water, sugar and lemon juice, which is spread over the skin and pulled off in the direction of growth – takes a little longer, but is particularly gentle and thorough.
  • Waxing: Warm wax that is spread over the skin and pulled off in the opposite direction of growth (with fleece strips).

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