Depilation: definition and techniques |

Depilation: definition and techniques | +2023

These are the methods for superficial hair removal

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Depilation – what is it actually? You can find out the answer and what alternatives there are here.

Most of us have certainly heard of epilation – but depilation? The term hides nothing less than hair removal on the skin’s surface. While the hair root is also removed during epilation, the hairs are only removed on the skin, i.e. the visible area, during depilation.

Depilation: The methods

1st shave

The most well-known method of depilation is shaving the hairs. It can be applied wet or dry.

1.1 Wet Shaving

The wet shave is a very thorough method to remove hair. You slide a razor over the shaving cream or gel-soaped skin. However, the skin can be severely stressed and irritated. The skin area is best shaved after a bath or shower, as the hair is then softer. It is also advisable to apply a soothing lotion to the skin after shaving.

1.2 Dry Shaving

A dry razor does not stress the skin as much as a wet razor. However, this method is also not that thorough! This can also depend on the model.

2. Depilatory Cream

The depilatory cream is applied to the skin and works about a millimeter below the skin’s surface, however, does not attack the hair root. The cream is based on sulfur compounds that attack and decompose the keratin of the hair. Here are more hair removal cream tips.

facial depilation

If you have hair on your face that you want to gently remove, you can use depilation methods. For the shave, it is best to use an eyebrow razor and put it on as smooth as possible. When shaving, however, the hairs can grow back stubbly and the depilatory cream can lead to skin irritation – but it doesn’t have to. test outwhat works best for you. Otherwise you have other options such as this bleaching. Everything you need to know about removing a lady’s beard here.

Pros and cons of depilation

The depilation is usually pain free, which is clearly on the pro list! The time account is also a plus, since the applications work relatively quickly. Both the shave and the depilatory cream are suitable for larger lots, such as the legs. On the other hand, however, the hair grows back quickly. With an epilation, the hairs usually stay away for several weeks.

What hair removal methods are there?

Which hair removal suits you is highly individual and sometimes women have to experiment a bit until they find the right method for themselves. These are the most popular techniques:

Here we have tried all hair removal methods ourselves in the big BRIGITTE test.


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