Deocreme: These 9 products convinced us

Deocreme: These 9 products convinced us +2023

When we are looking for an effective deodorant, we often only think of roller or spray. But don’t forget the deodorant. We’ll show you why and what it can do!

What is a deodorant cream?

A deodorant cream is traded as a sustainable alternative to conventional deodorants. This is mainly due to the fact that creams are available in cans and therefore ideally neither plastic nor propellant gases are used in the packaging, as is sometimes the case with deodorant sprays. Another plus point are the ingredients, because they are limited to a certain strength such as sodium bicarbonate and nourishing substances such as coconut oil, shea or cocoa butter. Silicones, parabens and paraffins are usually not included, as are aluminum salts. In contrast to its competitors in the field of deodorants, deodorant cream is pasty and usually only works against odors. However, this changes when aluminum salts are added, which are generally responsible for preventing perspiration.

Why should I use a cream instead of a spray or roller?

  1. Environmentally friendly packaging: Since neither plastic nor aluminum is used for the packaging and, as with sprays, no propellant gases are required, the cans are mainly made of environmentally friendly materials such as glass or bamboo wood.
  2. No harmful substances: Most deodorant creams do not contain aluminum salts because the primary purpose is to suppress odors. Aluminum salts have long been suspected of being a health risk, as they are said to cause breast cancer, among other things. However, new studies from 2020 largely disproved this assumption. Nevertheless, nowadays more and more people do without the substance.
  3. Pleasant Scent: The natural ingredients ensure a nice scent that doesn’t look like you’re trying to cover sweat with perfume.
  4. Soothing care: Cocoa and shea butter as well as coconut oil and lavender soothe the skin, which is particularly beneficial after shaving.
  5. Economical: Only a small amount of the paste is required per application, which is why you can use your deodorant cream for a long time.

Which deodorants are there?

With baking soda: Plantary natural cosmetics

The deodorant cream from Plantary natural cosmetics uses baking soda, among other things, to eliminate odors. Other ingredients of the “Herbal Spirit” are jojoba and coconut oil as well as cocoa and shea butter. The aloe vera and witch hazel also contained soothe your skin. The cream is delivered in an environmentally friendly metal jar. The product is also cruelty-free and vegan.

Without baking soda: a little time out from the manufactory

When sweat develops, it doesn’t smell at first. The unpleasant smell is only caused by the bacteria on our skin, which mix with the liquid. Soda is used in most deo-creams, which influences the formation of bacteria and thus no odor can develop. The Paste of small break manufactoryhowever, they do without it and instead use sage oil and vegan lactic acid to inhibit bacterial growth. The cream also contains shea butter, almond oil and coconut oil. A plus point: You can also use the deodorant on your feet.

With aluminum: Nivea DryComfort

The antiperspirant cream Nivea differs a little from a conventional deodorant paste, because it not only counteracts the smell of sweat, but also against underarm wetness thanks to the aluminum it contains. That’s why it’s also called an antiperspirant and not just a deodorant that only helps with odors. You are promised a pleasant feeling of freshness throughout the day, which should last for 48 hours. In contrast to other products, the cream is packed in a tube like an ordinary hand cream.

Without aluminium: BadeFee Tender Flowers

Aluminum salts are a no-go for many when it comes to the perfect deodorant. The BadeFee Blossom Deodorant Cream However, it is free of this substance and enriched with moisturizing substances such as shea butter, almond and coconut oil. This is how the flowery-fresh scent is created. Due to the antimicrobial effect thanks to the zinc oxide it contains, the deodorant cream is also suitable for sensitive armpits.

With fragrances: Jean & Len

The alcohol and aluminum free deodorant cream from Jean & Len comes in a travel-friendly form and offers 24-hour protection as a vegan product. This is ensured by the zinc oxide and vitamin E it contains. The natural cosmetics product also does not contain the following ingredients: parabens, silicones, nanoparticles and mineral oil.

Fragrance-free: nuud The Carefree

The deodorant cream from nuudis now no longer only praised by influencers such as Luisa Lion, but also enjoys a high profile. A 7-day effect is promised, which is made possible thanks to the ecological microsilver, among other things. The product does not contain aluminium, parabens, alcohol, chemicals, odors or propellants, is completely vegan and leaves no stains. The brand also shines when it comes to the packaging: it is made of sugar cane, and the paste is shipped in a biodegradable cardboard box.

We recommend these

We Love THE PLANET Forever Fresh

Aluminum salt-free, animal-free, paraben-free and silicone-free – a dream when it comes to cosmetic products. After all, our skin only deserves the best! And she promises that too deodorant cream from We Love THE PLANET. The refreshing scent of citrus oil and herbs will help awaken your senses so you can start the day energetically. Baking soda, cornstarch, coconut oil and beeswax are used to inhibit odor formation. This makes it antibacterial and nourishing at the same time without clogging your pores.

i+m Naturkosmetik Freistil Sensitive

If you have sensitive armpits, you need gentle products. If that applies to you, we recommend you Freestyle sensitive from i+m natural cosmetics. The deodorant paste is free from perfume, aluminum salts, mineral oils, lactose, gluten, parabens and PEG derivatives. Instead, your skin is spared from unpleasant odors with zinc and coconut and cared for with the contained organic fair trade almond oil. The product has the following certificates: Leaping Bunny, Climate Neutral, Cruelty Free, VEGAN, COSMOSOrganic.

PonyHütchen deodorant cream

Why we PonyHütchens deodorant cream find so promising? Because it not only helps with the smell of sweat, but also does not liquefy as soon as we have summer again or want to go on vacation, because the paste is temperature-stable. Aluminum salts are avoided, as are alcohol and preservatives. All other ingredients such as coconut oil are of organic quality and ensure that your skin is cared for gently and with plants. The cream also leaves no traces on clothing and is a national product because it is made in Berlin.

When and how often do you use the cream?

You can use a deodorant cream whenever you have also used other deodorants. It is important that your armpits are clean so that the cream can have its full effect. It’s best to apply the paste first thing in the morning after getting up and showering so you don’t have to worry about odors building up throughout the day. If you want to refresh the cream in between, then clean your armpits briefly with a wet washcloth or cloth and then apply it.

How is deodorant applied?

You only need a pea-sized amount of the deodorant for your armpits. Scoop out the paste with your finger and rub it into your armpits in a circular motion, just like you would with body lotion.

How does it work?

A deodorant cream works like any other deodorant, after all it is only about minimizing the smell of sweat and ensuring a good scent under the armpits. For this to work, some deodorants contain baking soda, which acts against the bacteria that are responsible for the odor formation when sweating occurs. But there are also deodorants that do not contain baking soda.

My deodorant paste is too solid/too liquid – what can I do?

It happens that a deodorant cream is too solid or too liquid for some users. In the first case, heat can help, which ensures that the ingredients liquefy. This works either with a water bath or by simply heating it up with your fingers.

If the deodorant is too runny for you, try storing it in the fridge, which should cause it to solidify.

DIY deodorant cream

If you don’t want to buy deodorant and prefer to make your own instead, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • coconut oil
  • cocoa or shea butter
  • baking soda
  • Corn starch (alternatively corn or potato starch)
  • Essential oil of your choice

Heat 2 tablespoons of the coconut oil in a water bath until creamy. You can also use a water bath to make the 2 teaspoons of butter more liquid. Meanwhile, mix together a tablespoon each of the baking soda and the starch. Now all the ingredients are mixed and mixed well. At the end, you can add a few more drops of your favorite scented oil as needed. Now your deodorant cream is ready and you can pour it into a glass and let it cool down.

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