Days after cutting ties with several fashion brands, Kanye West is making a move by selling goods cheaper than an egg cooker at a Miami pop-up +2023

Kanye West is now selling clothes in pop-up stores. The artist-turned-billionaire made a lot of profit for himself and the companies he was associated with. His relationship with Adidas was long-lasting, which ended thanks to Yes’s anti-Semitic remarks. His relationship with GAP and luxury brand Balenciaga also ended after the controversy.

According to Ye, he wanted fashion that could be affordable for everyone, but that meant he had to lower prices, which luxury brands can’t afford. Now that he’s producing his own line, the rapper shocked everyone by having his clothes on display at a bargain price.

Kanye West starts selling his hoodies with a pop-up

West really tries to make fashion affordable for everyone. According to a sourcethe artist’s new clothing line was spotted at a pop-up in Miami, where He sells them for $20. His designer clothes are cheaper than an egg cooker, which costs $27. However, it’s debatable how helpful $20 clothing is. Earlier, Ye shared a video of his new business, in which they were making clothes for his new line at a cheaper price, apparently making jackets from his leftover materials.

It remains to be seen how fans will react to this new affordable budget fashion. The artist recently lost his billionaire status after brands distanced themselves from the singer amid his controversial comments. After that, the Gold Digger singer has attempted to promote his own businesses, even storing Balenciaga clothes in black plastic bags, which has garnered him plenty of scrutiny.

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Ye wants fashion that focuses on the future while creating opportunities for all. His Ye24 hoodies are the focus of this campaign. Meanwhile, West himself is still often spotted in Balenciaga clothing, a brand he often criticizes.

What do you think of Yes’s new line and the prices that come with it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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