Dark chocolate brown: the trending hair color 2023 that makes hair thicker+2023

Many experts comment that if there was a hair color that was like an elegant cotton shirt and that it always flatters, it would be dark chocolate brown. And it is that this tone, in addition to being flattering, because goes well with both fair and olive skinhas the power to make hair denser and thicker, it also provides multidimensionality to your mane

The chestnut that gives volume to your hair

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Blanca Surez in a new dark chocolate brown with the trendiest baby bangs.GTres Online.

As he assures us sonia cases, director and founder of the Sonia Cases Hair Stylist hairdressing salon, about chestnuts, “absolute demand falls on chocolate, hazelnut and caramel tones, which bring light to the hair, achieving a natural tone”. In addition, “the chestnut camouflage imperfections of the long hair better than blondes, which are more difficult to maintain and if we combine them with bob haircuts for brunettes, they give a more sensation of volume and density and we break the color uniformity with some caramel highlights”, tells us Nadia BarrientosCEO of the salon The madroom. Not to mention that dark chocolate brown hair also helps to reflect light and give your hair instant natural movement.

Customizable chocolate brown hair

This season, more and more celebrities are signing up for this fashionable hair color, even the usual blondes, they have gone over to the dark side. Since Hailey Baldwina margot robbiegoing by Charlize Theron either dakota johnson to Blanca Surez, because it also brings depth and warmth to the hair. And it can be customized with a thousand shades, yes, if brown is your natural base, it will be easier for your hair to be more natural and if you have blonde highlights, it’s just a matter of talking to your stylist about the possibility of those highlights being brown. and darker.

Dark chocolate brown is also a hair tone that needs less maintenance compared to lighter tones and when betting on it, the ideal is to go no more than two tones above or below your base color because a A much darker brown can harden the features and a much lighter one can lead to copper.

Wicks to get your ideal chestnut

But what is clear is that dark tones, both black and brown, optically thicken the hair fiber and make the hair more abundant. And not only that, as he points out Yolanda Aberasturidirector of the salons of the same name, “also increase definition of facial angles reinforcing the anatomy of the face and when you have a lot of gray hair, it is more difficult to maintain the tone at the root between coloring and coloring. For this reason, to counteract the root effect, the ideal is to personalize the dark tones with the color of the skin, creating natural balayages or playing with more pronounced highlights so that the coloration does not remain too flat and give it an even more youthful touch”, he concludes.

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