“Dahmer” becomes the third series in Netflix history to surpass 1 billion viewing hours


“Dahmer” becomes the third series in Netflix history to surpass 1 billion viewing hours +2023

Remember in September as Dahmer – Monsters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer came on the scene and almost single-handedly disrupted the streaming landscape? Apparently it still does. Today (December 5th), Netflix revealed that dahmer has surpassed a staggering 1 billion viewing hours.

There is certainly reason to be skeptical about these numbers. At this point in the company’s history, all numbers are self-reported by Netflix. Because of this, we don’t know how many people start and never finish a series, and this metric doesn’t highlight households that rewatch series or movies. But even with these caveats, this revelation is remarkable.

dahmer is currently the third title in Netflix history to break the 1 billion hour viewing barrier in just 60 days. It’s also only the second English-language title to do so. The only titles to reach this milestone were Squid Game and stranger things 4 According to a press release from Netflix dahmer spent seven weeks in the Netflix Global Top 10, making the top 10 list in 92 countries. The series also broke a Nielsen record and is ranked #7 on the company’s list of all-time highest weekly viewership in the United States. It also held a spot on Nielsen’s weekly streaming chart for three weeks.

Even more impressive is the show that finally gets excited dahmer #1 on Netflix was another drama directed by Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan. weeks after dahmer Premiered, The Observer took that coveted spot, making it Murphy and Brennan’s second No. 1 series in four weeks. It should also be noted that Murphy’s Mr. Harrigan’s phone is one of the top 10 Netflix films in 91 countries. But this big fish in this particular pond is dahmer

Press releases like this get a lot of buzz, mostly because streamers are so picky about their self-reported numbers. But thanks to the Global Top 10Netflix has been playing its own media library and shows publicly against each other for months. Because of that comparative history, this press release gives us a glimpse into this highly secretive company. dahmer was undeniably a smash hit for the streaming giant. This is not a wonder monster has already been extended for two more seasons.

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