Cut the wedding cake: With this simple trick it becomes child’s play

Cut the wedding cake: With this simple trick it becomes child’s play +2023

wedding cake With this technique, the bleed will be nice and even

An even cut is child's play with the right technique.

An even cut is child’s play with the right technique.

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The wedding news of the day in the BRIGITTE ticker: This trick makes cutting the wedding cake a success +++ Expert reveals: No more make-up stains on light-colored clothing +++ This will clean your jewelery again

Current wedding news in the BRIGITTE ticker:

May 10, 2023

Cutting the wedding cake has never been so easy

The cut of the wedding cake: It’s not only special because the upper hand on the knife decides who’s in charge at home, but also because the guests keep one eye on the lush, charmingly decorated cake all evening . Everyone wants a piece! And with the right technique, there is usually even a second piece inside.

Perfectly portioned and ideally cut: The round or square cake is now unconventionally cut evenly into strips about seven centimeters wide. Then the individual strips are tilted one after the other so that they lie square in front of you. In this position, meanwhile, even strips are again cut from top to bottom. If you have a lot of guests, halve the newly created strips in the middle. The result is unmistakable: harmonious cake squares are waiting to be eaten. Tip: Dip the knife in hot water — this will make the cut sharper and less crumbly.

May 9, 2023

Stains on the wedding dress: With this simple trick, your make-up will not wear off

Makeup stains on wedding dress? Not with this simple trick! Instead of worrying about scuffed makeup on that beautiful white fabric all day long, you can prevent it with a tool you probably already have at home: hairspray!

In case of absolute hardship, one or the other may have already resorted to hairspray in order to ultimately emphasize their make-up on their face. We advise against this for skin health reasons. But if we aren’t allowed to spray the hairspray on the skin, then we just spread it generously on the clothing: simply spray the product on the endangered areas of the dress, bolero or collar, let it dry and enjoy the day and night carefree. Make sure to use a colorless hairspray and test the color of the product on another piece of white clothing beforehand to avoid making a serious mistake.

May 8, 2023

Cleaning jewelry: an expert reveals her best tip for shine and cleanliness

Even the finest pieces of jewelry lose their shine over the years. Especially before a festive occasion such as a wedding or yours, we want to settle for nothing less than the best – this also includes the perfect condition of our accessories. Environmental influences as well as care and soap residues can hide in the space between the frames or make the surfaces appear matt. If you want to gently clean your diamond, gold and silver jewelery at home, jewelery designer Weronika Gula reveals her favorite trick:

You can easily clean your jewelery (provided it is made of high-quality material such as real gold and diamonds) yourself with a little baby shampoo and a soft baby toothbrush and remove any shampoo/perfume and hand cream residue. Afterwards, the piece of jewelry always shines almost like new – but be careful with colored stones and pearls, these are very sensitive and should only be treated by professionals!

Instead of the baby shampoo, you can also use a gold or silver care product if you already have one. However, pay close attention to the softness of the toothbrush: if it is too hard or you work with too much pressure, the surfaces of your precious metals can be scratched. This cleaning routine also does not replace professional cleaning by goldsmiths – but it does provide a fresh shine from time to time.

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