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Curls without heat
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Whether big waves, glamorous curls, beach waves or small curls, you don’t need a lot of time and hardly any accessories to conjure up curls without heat.

We love them: curls. But who couldn’t like them?! After all, they give our hair volume, always conjure up a stunning look and flatter our face – and we really all like that. But does the dream of curls only ever come true with straightening irons, curling irons, curlers and the like? Does our hair always have to be exposed to heat and thus unnecessarily stressed? Definitely no, because curls without heat are at least as quick, damage our hair less and are super easy to do.

Curls without heat that also last a long time

beach waves

By far the easiest curls without heat are beach waves. The casual hairstyle is easy to create on the beach, when your hair is still a little wet from swimming, the sun is shining on it and the sand is blowing through your hair. But what would the curls be if they only arise on the beach?! It’s the perfect hairstyle for summer, but you don’t always need a beach for it, because you can of course easily conjure up beach waves overnight.

What you need for the curls:

That’s how it’s done:

Put some salt spray or mousse in your damp hair and then braid it into two braids. Then leave them in overnight, undo your braids the next day and there they are, your casual curls without the heat.

corkscrew curls

Corkscrew curls are particularly popular and can be done quickly without heat. What’s the best way to curl your hair? With little hair ties. For big curls and if you want to go fast, you should opt for a bun.

What you need for the curls:

That’s how it’s done:

Use a comb to divide your damp hair into strands about two centimeters wide, twist them into small “snails” and secure your hair with a thin ponytail. Repeat this until all of your hair has been styled. Then fix with hairspray – done!

Leave the strands in your hair overnight or for at least five hours, then remove the hair ties and hold the curls without heat with a bit of hairspray. And your hairstyle is done!

Big curls

For ages we always stood in front of the mirror with our straightening iron or curling iron to turn all our hair into curls. At that time we often thought that the hairstyle was created faster with the help of heat, but curls are easy to make even without heat.

What you need for the curls:

That’s how it’s done:

Section your towel-dried hair into larger or smaller strands depending on the size of the curls. Then wrap each strand onto a sock and loosely tie the ends of the sock together. Repeat this with all the strands and ideally let your hair dry overnight. When your hair is done drying, your hairstyle is complete.

soft waves

Defined curls aren’t really your thing, do you prefer curls when they look playful? Then these curls without heat are just right for you – and they’re quick to make.

What you need for the curls:

That’s how it’s done:

Spray some texture spray on your hair, put an elasticated hair band on your hair, then twist strand by strand in one direction and put the hair in the hair band from above so that you can pull it out again at the bottom.

Repeat the process until all of your hair is completely wrapped around the headband. The tighter you twist your hair, the tighter the curls will be. Leave the hair like this for a few hours or leave it on overnight. Comb your hair with your fingers, spray with hairspray – and your curls are done without heat.

Curls with curlers

Curlers are only for our grandparents? None! Curlers are more popular than ever for styling hair because they are super easy to use and you always have the guarantee that you will get the curls.

What you need for the curls:

That’s how it’s done:

The diameter of your curlers and the thickness of your hair will determine the size of your curls without heat. For medium-sized curls, for example, curlers with a diameter of three to four centimeters are optimal.

Divide your damp hair into separate sections and then wrap them around the curlers, strand by strand. Be sure to start at the ends of your hair and then work your way up to the roots. If the curlers don’t hold up, fix them with a hair clip so that they don’t disturb your sleep at night.

Release them the next morning and then set the curls with hairspray without heat. Your stylish hairstyle is ready!

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