Cristiano Ronaldo fanatic Piers Morgan breaks silence on ‘Fancy’ and gets ghosted by Meghan Markle, says his wife: ‘Knows she was lucky’ +2023

According to a recent turn of events, British news presenter Piers Morgan has emerged as one of the most legitimate journalists of all time. After the Netflix bonus for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, he explicitly triggered a wave of controversy online. His Twitter profile, which targets Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is filled with an endless array of opinions and remarks. However, Twitterattis, who has sensed his excessive negative obsession with the Duchess, has already started addressing him publicly.

Morgan has also been in the latest news to make headlines about the royals, from start to finish. In particular, his simultaneous tweets about football legend Ronaldo and Duchess Meghan Markle have sent users into a frenzy. The whole fiasco was made all the more hilarious when he simultaneously uploaded pictures of his wife (reportedly from 1996). He apparently made a hilarious but unprecedented comparison between his wife and Meghan Markle.

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Piers Morgan uploads a semi-naked photoshoot of his wife as he comments on his obsession with Meghan Markle

Due to the coincident World Cup season and the Harry & Megan When the documentary series was released, many royal pundits threw a meme fest about it. The day before, Morgan took to Twitter to upload a sensual photoshoot of his wife, taken ten years before he met her. The caption satirically trolled any criticism leveled at him. Fans allegedly mocked him for being so obsessed with Meghan Markle that he forgot to wish his wife Celia a happy birthday.

They had also said Morgan appeared to have been let down by Meghan Markle after she ghosted him on social media. Speaking of which, the news host said he knows his wife “lucky‘ with a laughing emoji rolling on the floor. Haters didn’t hold back in mocking his wife’s pictures in comparison to Meghan Markle. While some trolled him for “pimping,” others did berated him for being a misogynist and for being incredibly self-conscious.

youngest news Rumors surrounding his wife are that Celia Walden and Morgan were on a six-week marriage sabbatical. Marriage disorders and the inability to get along with one another are cited as reasons. Referring to the same, one fan said: “maybe it’s time for another sabbatical“.

Meanwhile, Morgan quickly shifted his focus from the Duchess to Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom he recently sat down for an exclusive interview when the latter was trolled over his team’s exit from the World Cup. The TV presenter jumped to the footballer Defense, Calling him a GOAT, proving the Cristiano Ronaldo fanatic he’s often labeled as.

What do you think of Piers Morgan’s recent comment about his obsession with Markle?

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