Cortefiel, the eternal Black Friday and the robe coat that we would find in Tamara Falcó’s capsule wardrobe (for less than 60 euros) +2023

No one disputes that Tamara Falcó is a style benchmark, Isabel Preysler’s daughter is a worthy successor to her mother and gives us fashion lessons at the stroke of sophisticated and timeless looks. This is precisely his greatest asset, how he handles the classics giving him his touch -a bit posh, yes- and applying trendy touches but without excesses.

The 30 best looks by Tamara Falcó that inspire our office days and special occasions

A few days ago I created a new need in the form of peignoir coatwith a design of his own signature in cream colour. An elegant piece of cloth, length below the knee that has all the ballots to become an essential this Christmas.

we have found a virtually identical clonewithout leaving the store that houses her brand TPF by Tamara Falcó, because at Cortefiel we have this long coat with a matching belt in two colors to choose from (among them a very similar cream) that has little to envy to Tamara’s, for that reason we are sure that you would include it in your capsule wardrobe.


The coat in question is discounted – it seems that for cortefiel Black Friday has not ended- and we can sign him for less than 60 euros, almost half of his original price, specifically for 99.99 €59.99.

Long coat with belt Cortefiel

Long coat with belt Cortefiel

Tamara’s coat


But if we are splendid and the budget gives us to bet on the same coat that he is wearing tamarawe found it in pre-sale in Cortefiel, with a discount of more than 200 eurosspecifically for 890 623 euro.

Paris Long coat TFP by Tamara Falcó

Paris Long coat TFP by Tamara Falcó

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