Correction of Previous Hair Transplant Surgery

+ 2023

Correction of Previous Hair Transplant Surgery + 2023

Can follicular units be used in people who are dissatisfied with previous mini/micrograft procedures?

In most cases, yes. Unfortunately, many people have had less than satisfactory results in hair restoration. To correct previous hair transplant surgeries, we have developed strategies that can effectively camouflage many of the problems that result from less complex procedures. During your consultation, an assessment will be made to determine the number of grafts available and a plan will be devised to give you a natural appearance.

The good news is that mini/micro grafting has some positive aspects. We can combine follicular units with your existing grafts to achieve the result you desire. Schedule a consultation to discuss your unique conditions and desired result for natural looking hair transplant and regrowth.

With the follicular unit excision (FUE) procedure, are you able to harvest previously used donor areas and pre-planted hair for greater coverage?

Yes. We have developed procedures to be able to work on pre-harvested donor areas, including scar revisions. While each individual’s situation is unique, we can often harvest new follicular units from pre-existing plugs.

Has FUE ever been used to repair previous mini/micrograft procedures?

FUE is commonly used to remove individual follicular units from old grafts and give them a more normal appearance. In some cases, such as improperly placed grafts, FUE is used to remove all follicular units to return the person to their pre-transplant appearance.

Searching this web page means you have received unsatisfactory or disappointing results from one or more previous hair transplant surgeries. Rest assured your search for an expert of the highest caliber to correct your unique situation ends here. Please Google the outstanding reviews from independent patients and health degreesrecommended by and International Society of Hair Transplant Surgeryamong many other trusted institutions.

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