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There is a fact that after the opening of schools, children’s diseases increase. As such, parents begin to worry about their children. During this period, children, whose health needs to be taken care of, when they are sick, they both fall behind in their studies and they start to get sick more often because their immunity drops.

What are the Common Diseases at School?

What are the Common Diseases at School

We will share with you what are the diseases that parents should know and what are the precautions to take. Let’s examine together how contagious are the diseases that multiply with the arrival of winter and the opening of schools.

Stomach Flu

stomach flu This disease, which has a high risk of contagion, is one of the conditions in which a doctor should be consulted as a result of symptoms such as high fever, lethargy and irritability, severe pain, bloody diarrhea in children. In such diseases, it is necessary to increase your children’s consumption of vitamin C, while increasing their fluid intake.

Tonsil Infection

With the opening of schools, the increase in tonsil infections has also increased considerably. If there are symptoms such as red and swollen tonsils, white and yellow inflammations, sore and itchy throat, pain and difficulty in swallowing tonsil infection it means done.


One of the common infections in schools. it is meningitis. Symptoms include fever, excruciating headache, vomiting, stiff neck, delirium. You should consult your doctor and use your necessary medicines.


Another weekly that has become widespread with the opening of schools is common cold is happening. Children have symptoms such as refusal to eat, difficulty breathing. In addition, runny nose and congestion are also its symptoms. A lot of vitamin C should be taken and the decrease in immunity should be prevented.


whose symptoms are almost the same as those of the common cold. flu In addition to the disease, fatigue and constant sleepiness can be added. A doctor should be consulted and the necessary drugs should be used without interruption. In addition to these, foods and fruits containing plenty of vitamin C should be consumed to strengthen the immune system.


Annoying in every age group constipation The problem is a very troublesome situation among school-age children. Intestinal regulating foods such as dried apricots can be relieved, but in cases that do not pass, a doctor should be consulted and necessary medications should be taken.

Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease

This disease, which is generally seen in children aged 5 years and younger, is defined as a contagious and viral disease. Fire, throat ache, anorexia and weakness In addition to symptoms such as rash, it is seen in and around the mouth, around the palms and feet.

Red Eye

red eyeis an inflammation of the transparent tissue that covers the whites of the eyes inside the eyelids. In this case, it causes blood in the eye. The most common causes are infection and allergic factors. You should consult your ophthalmologist and use the necessary medications.


Bit It is one of the most common diseases of children when schools are opened. This contagious disease feeds and multiplies by sucking the blood in the scalp. You can easily get rid of annoying lice, which are difficult to clean, with shampoos bought from the pharmacy and herbal methods made at home.

Kiss Sickness

It is primarily transmitted from person to person through close contact with mouth, throat fluids and body secretions. It is called kissing disease because it is most commonly caused by saliva transmission.

Attention to the Ongoing Covid-19 Danger!

Of course Covid-19 epidemic is one of the most common diseases of recent years. This contagious disease is a very common disease that spreads in schools. This disease, which is transmitted by contact, coughing and breathing, is a condition that requires extreme attention.

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