Comedone Squeezer: Remove pimples and blackheads

Comedone Squeezer: Remove pimples and blackheads +2023

comedone squeezer With this tool you can quickly remove blackheads

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You can easily and hygienically remove blackheads with a comedone squeezer – and you don’t even have to go to the beautician! We explain you how!

Many people, especially young people, tend to have impure skin. Dirty pores, cornification of the top layer of skin or hormonal fluctuations are usually the reason for this. Sebum builds up, pores are blocked and blackheads form. If bacteria then penetrate the sebaceous glands of a pore, the tissue becomes inflamed, so that pus is pushed to the surface and a pimple becomes visible. So-called comedone squeezers help you to get rid of blackheads and the like.

Comedone Squeezer: What is it actually?

The comedone squeezer is a narrow piece of metal up to 20 centimeters long with one or two eyelets at each end of the blackhead remover. It helps you to easily rid impure skin of pimples and blackheads and also to protect you from them. And that’s damn handy. This not only saves you the trip, but also the cost of facial cleansing at the beautician, because you can take and use the comedone squeezer with you anytime and anywhere. The best thing about the blackhead remover: The beautician also uses it in her treatments comedone squeezer.

The word “comedone crusher” is derived from the Latin term “comedo” and means blackhead in German. These are blackish “dots” that block the opening of a sebaceous gland in the skin.

What are blackheads?

First of all, it should be said that blackheads are not bad at all. However, they can be very stubborn, unsightly, and cause infection or inflammation in the skin. If blackheads are already a bit advanced and just won’t go away, you can gently remove them with the help of a comedone squeezer and thus prevent the blackhead from developing further.

Blackheads occur when the glands produce excessive amounts of sebum, clogging the pores. In addition, dead skin cells and oil collect in the opening of the pores and form a kind of plug. The blackhead turns black when this plug bursts open due to oxidation processes.

Impure skin such as blackheads, pimples or even acne occurs on the face, especially on the T-zone, i.e. nose, chin and forehead, but also on the back. Oily skin supports the formation of impure skin. A flawlessly beautiful complexion unfortunately looks different … But pssst, the comedone squeezer or one pore sucker can remedy.

For whom is the blackhead remover suitable?

Comedone squeezers are popular. No wonder, after all, they are suitable for all skin types and you save a lot of money by using a blackhead remover, because you no longer have to go to a professional to remove blackheads and the like. One thing is clear: With the blackhead remover, you can clean your skin more safely and reliably than squeezing the blackheads with your hands, as is often the case.

Remove blackheads: without comedone squeezers

We all know when we are plagued by pimples, blackheads or even acne, especially on our face, then we have to do something about it. In the more classic way, we simply squeeze out the purulent pimples and Co. with a clean handkerchief and freshly washed index fingers, even if that is probably not the smartest way to get rid of blackheads and Co. Because what we often don’t consider is that not only can ugly scars appear on the face, but dirt can also get into the open wound and thus trigger inflammation or infections. So let’s use a blackhead remover like a professional.

How to use a comedone squeezer?

To your blackheads with a comedone squeezer You should take your time and always work with caution, because the skin should not be damaged during facial cleaning or even cause infections. Optimal preparation, thorough cleansing of the skin and facial care tailored to the skin afterwards are the be-all and end-all.

  1. Carefully disinfect the comedone squeezer with disinfectant or place it in boiling hot water for about ten minutes.
  2. Remove make-up from your face so that the pores do not clog and new pimples can develop.
  3. Treat your face steam bathto clean it thoroughly beforehand and open the pores so that the blackheads can be removed more easily.
  4. Then place the eyelet of the comedone squeezer around the blackhead and gently apply pressure to the skin. If the blackhead comes out a little, you can carefully lift it out with the blackhead remover.
  5. If it is not a blackhead, but a pimple, you can use the sharp needle, which is often on one side of the comedone squeezer, to carefully pierce the pimple.
  6. Take a clean and dry cloth and then wipe the comedone squeezer in it.
  7. Then carry out your usual facial care. For example, first use a facial tonic with a slightly disinfecting effect to soothe the treated skin and only then use the usual day cream.
  8. Thoroughly disinfects the comedone squeezer to prevent the spread of bacteria.

What should be considered when buying a comedone squeezer?

When buying a comedone squeezer, be sure to pay attention to the quality. The blackhead remover should definitely be made of surgical or stainless steel and cost around eight to ten euros. If you handle the comedone squeezer carefully, clean and dry it, high-quality materials guarantee maximum stability and a long service life. If it is an expensive blackhead remover, it does not automatically mean that the quality and effect is the best.

Comedone squeezers come in a variety of sizes in terms of tips and ends. The opening can be long or short, small and thin. For particularly stubborn cases, as can be the case with acne, there are also wider and heavier comedone squeezers. So there is the best blackhead remover for every skin type.

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