Colors that make you look younger based on your hair and skin color +2023

Why are there colors with which you look very favored, even rejuvenated, and others with which you look less? How can we find out if we are cold or warm? And once we know, what shades go with one and the other? is going to explain it to you so that from now on colorimetry is not a problem for you when it comes to getting dressed or going shopping.

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Cold colors are those with a high concentration of blue in their composition and warm colors are those with a high concentration of yellow in their composition. Within the same color we can find cold and warm tones. For example, lemon yellow is cool, but mustard is warm.

It is very important to know this fact about ourselves to dress flatteringly. We can get much more out of it by combining our clothes with the colors that best suit us. It is time to know if we are cold or warm and the answer is our hair, our skin and even the color of our eyes influences. But if we are dyed, we will find ourselves with some difficulty since the solution is given to us by our original hair color.

Test to find out if we are cold or warm

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Experts in colorimetry advise us that we collect our hair, dispense with makeup and stand in front of a mirror with natural light. It is time to look for the clearest tones of the cold, for example the white, and the warm ones, beige. It can be with garments or with fabric scraps of that color.

You take first one and then the other, bringing it closer to your face and looking at yourself in the mirror. You are comparing and if you want taking notes of which one suits you best. Another interesting color duo to discover this information are the fuchsia (as cold) and orange (as warm). And finally, if you still do not have it completely clear, you can also try with the brown (warm) and black (cold).

How to know which one suits us best? Perhaps you have been wearing black, white or beige all your life and you are used to seeing yourself with them. But the reality is that in front of the mirror, without makeup or lights of any kind, you will notice that with one color more than another your face lights up and you look more flattering. Generally you will get the answer about your cold or warm harmony with this simple test in which you can also include gold and silver.

extra tips

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One of the tips of the experts when choosing accessories is to bet on the silver tones if we are of cold harmony and gold if we are of warm harmony. It is also important to bear in mind that we do not have to strictly apply these color rules to the entire look, the most important thing is to do it with the colors that go from the waist up and with the accessories that we have close to the face (It would also apply to makeup, obviously).

So if there is a color that belongs to the opposite range to yours, maybe you can continue using it in skirts, pants, shoes or bags. And do not forget that despite all this type of advice, the key in fashion is to play and break the rules. If there is a dress that you have fallen in love with and with which you look gorgeous (whatever color it is), it is your dress. Do not even doubt it.

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What colors will suit me best if I’m cold?

  • Within the range of blue you can bet on navy blue, electric blue, sky blue, sapphire… In general, all of them.
  • Of the purple, the nazarene, the grape, the lavender
  • For the green you can bet on the emerald, turquoise, oil, mint,…,
  • If you like red, the blood red, but also wine color, cherry
  • For lovers of always cold pink like fuchsia, pastel pink, ice pink, magenta
  • and the shades of cold white they will enlighten you too.

What colors will suit me better if I am warm?

  • The earth tones ranging from brown to beige.
  • soft oranges like peach or salmon.
  • Of the yellows, the softest and even the mustard.
  • Army Greens or Moss.
  • And if you like shades like red, the ideal is coral.
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