Collagen to drink: Fewer wrinkles thanks to collagen drinks?

Collagen to drink: Fewer wrinkles thanks to collagen drinks? +2023

collagen for drinking Do collagen drinks really help against wrinkles?

Collagen to Drink: Happy Woman with Beautiful Skin

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Collagen for drinking is said to compensate for age-related collagen deficiency and ensure firmer skin and fewer wrinkles. Does that really work? We did the trend check.

Collagen is a so-called structural protein in the human body that keeps our skin and bones healthy and stable, among other things. With increasing age (unfortunately already from the age of 25), the body produces less collagen. The skin loses its elasticity and the first wrinkles form. Collagen drinks are designed to counteract age-related collagen deficiency. Many buyers report positive experiences with the ampoules on social media. We took a closer look at drinking collagen and explain the actual effectiveness and potential side effects here.

What is collagen to drink?

Collagen can be taken in the form of collagen powder, collagen capsules or collagen ampoules. Manufacturers recommend taking the dietary supplement daily for a period of at least three months. that contained in the products Collagen comes from the bones and skin of cattle or pigs, and sometimes from fish. There is no such thing as plant collagen. Many collagen products also contain micronutrients (e.g. biotin, vitamin C or zinc) that are intended to provide additional support for skin health.

Do collagen drinks really help?

There are studiesshowing that taking collagen powder improves skin elasticity and hydration. However, these studies often have methodological flaws or are financed by the manufacturers of the products themselves, which casts doubt on the credibility of the results. The consumer organization Stiftung Warentest came to the following conclusion in its test: The benefits of the beauty drinks have not been proven. However, collagen drinks are not harmful either and despite scientific doubts, many users on social media are convinced of their effectiveness. However, if you want to try the preparations yourself, you should not expect miracles.

Danger: Fish allergy sufferers should avoid maritime collagen as it is made from the skin of fish.

Collagen to drink: Our favourites

Sanhelios Beauty Collagen Skin Elixir

The Beauty collagen skin elixir In addition to collagen, it also contains biotin, copper and vitamin C. We recommend drinking one ampoule daily for a period of two months. The Beauty Collagen was voted the price-performance test winner by “Supplementbibel”. The product is one of the bestsellers on Amazon and has very good ratings. The package contains 30 drinking ampoules.

Doppelherz collagen + hyaluron + ceramides

In the Drinking ampoules from Doppelherz contains many other ingredients in addition to collagen that support skin health. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture, ceramides are the skin’s own lipids and vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation. Biotin, zinc and niacin support the maintenance of healthy skin, while manganese supports the formation of connective tissue. The manufacturer recommends one ampoule per day. The pack contains 30 pieces.

Merz Special Collagen Beauty Formula

The Collagen ampoules from Merz Spezial In addition to a high-quality collagen hydrolyzate complex, they also contain biotin, niacin, zinc, vitamins C and E. This combination of micronutrients is intended to tighten the skin and smooth skin wrinkles. The ampoules are lactose and gluten free. One ampoule per day is recommended for a period of eight to twelve weeks. The pack contains 14 ampoules. Amazon users report an improvement in the complexion and also strengthened hair and nails.

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