Cold wax strips: how to use them

Cold wax strips: how to use them +2023

cold wax strips This is how you can wax at home

Cold wax strips: Woman depilating with a wax strip

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In summer, hair removal is an absolute must for many of us. How to remove hair on your legs etc. with cold wax strips – BRIGITTE knows it!

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and summer is approaching. It’s high time to remove the hair under the armpits, on the legs and in the bikini area. Whether wet razors, epilation, removing hair with sugaring or waxing – the selection of hair removal options is large. Cold wax strips in particular are a more convenient alternative to warm wax or sugaring. They don’t require much preparation and are super easy to use.

What is special about hair removal with cold wax strips?

Double-sided, ready-made wax strips are heated between the palms of the hands, applied to the skin and then pulled off with a jerk. The hairs are removed along with the root and remain on the sticky strip. Compared to warm wax, cold wax strips do not need to be heated and burns cannot occur. After hair removal with the wax strips, the hair is removed for around three to four weeks. The more often it is used, the less and finer the hair grows back later.

For whom are cold wax strips suitable?

Cold wax strips are particularly suitable for women who want a want a long, hair-free result. However, sensitive people should keep their distance. Because the application is not painless and, in comparison, a lot of wax residues stick to the skin, which promotes irritation.

Cold wax strips – this is how it works:

  1. The wax strip first heat between your palms. This will help the hair stick to the wax better. Tip: If you don’t feel like rubbing, you can heat the cold wax strips in a water bath or simply use the straightening iron. To do this, heat the iron at a low temperature and press the two plates together so that a gap of five millimeters remains. You can pull the wax strips through this.
  2. Now place the strip where you want it apply to the skin and carefully smooth in the direction of hair growth. After a short exposure time the strip Pull off with a jerk against the direction of hair growth. Otherwise, the hair will not be carefully removed.
  3. Then remove wax residue and the skin give adequate care. Aloe vera gel or a fragrance-free cream with panthenol or bisabolol soothe reddened areas.

Cold wax strips – you should consider this before and during use

  • Cold wax strips are particularly good for hair on the legs. Be careful when using in the bikini area and armpits. This can quickly lead to redness, irritation and pimples.
  • Before you start hair removal with cold wax strips, your hair should be approx five to seven millimeters have.
  • It is best to clean the skin before applying the strips dust with baby powder. The wax adheres better and the skin is less irritated.
  • The wax strips either between your hands, in a water bath or with a straightening iron. The hair adheres better to the wax and can be removed.
  • In addition: The faster the cold wax strip is removed from the skin, the less painful the procedure will be.

How much do cold wax strips cost?

Cold wax strips are available from, for example Veet at dm for about six euros.

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