Cocktail Nails: When the drink inspires the manicure +2023

Cocktail nails
So now we wear our nails like our favorite drinks

Cocktail Nails: That's why we now wear our nails like our favorite drinks

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Simple was yesterday. This season we’re going to be colorful — especially on our fingernails. Cocktail nails are the manicure trend of the month – and as the name suggests: the colors are reminiscent of ice-cold drinks.

“If you want Piña Colada …” sounds slightly in the back of your head while you dream with your eyes closed on a distant palm-lined beach with a cocktail in your hand. Then reality knocks gently on the door and reminds us: We’re not just relaxing under the palm trees with a drink. But no problem. This is exactly the feeling that can be easily brought into everyday life with this new beauty trend — promised, without reaching for a cocktail.

Cocktail Nails: Colorful drinks now inspire our manicure

Cocktail nails are more popular than ever and they come in so many different designs – every bartender will drop the shaker! Because this nail trend is more about the bright, bright color, which represents the mixed drink, than about a special style. The main thing is that the cocktail color worlds are realized on the nail. How that looks in the end is up to you.

Aperol Spritz: Orange classic

The refreshing, Italian cocktail made from Aperol, Prosecco and soda not only impresses with its taste, but also makes you in bright orange also optically something. The most striking version of cocktail nails is a monochromatic manicure with a matte or glossy finish. But an ombré that fades slightly is also reminiscent of the syrupy course of the Italian classic. Fine line art made of white and orange, on the other hand, is the method of choice for minimalists: asymmetric tips and French adorn the nails in an unusual, but still subtle way.

Espresso martini: Strong trendsetter

The trend drink for an evening at the bar is called espresso martini! The counter-program to Aperol Spritz is mixed with freshly brewed espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka. On our nails, on the other hand, give us brown paints the (caffeine) kick. Whether in the two-tone French, in which a light brown meets a rich one, or in the monochrome style: the cult cocktail is fun and there are no limits to your own creativity when designing.

Cool Lime: cheeky statement

Lime, mint and cucumber of the Cool Lime are reflected in the shape of one bright neon green contrary. The bright and lively color evokes associations of freshness and liveliness and, above all, has a mood-enhancing effect thanks to its glow. If you want to make a true lime statement, paint your nails completely. The manicure looks refined and not quite as present if only half of the nail is varnished. On the opposite side, a clear coat gives the natural nail its glow.

Cotton Candy: magical swirl

A cocktail as sweet as cotton candy and in shades that would make Barbie green with envy just looking at it. Cotton candy not only impresses with its sticky sweetness, but also aesthetically. The exciting, red candy swirl is applied to the still wet pink paint with a small brush or wooden stick. To do this, the rod is rotated with gentle finger pressure. Attention: It is better to use less paint at the beginning – otherwise you will end up with unsightly blobs. A French at the end makes for an even more exciting conclusion. Tip: Let the manicure dry beforehand, apply red color to a silicone pad and press the nail in with a little counter-pressure. The perfect line is thus guaranteed.

Margarita Nails: Less is more

Michelle Williams is a fan — maybe not of margaritas, but of this manicure, as revealed on her nail artist Tom Bachik’s Instagram account. Because, just like the classic, filigree glass of the cocktail has a sugar rim, the nails shine with a very fine, silver line. The look looks elegant and modern, especially on very short nails.

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