Christmas Hairstyles: The Most Beautiful Hairstyles | +2023

Christmas hairstyles – how about curls?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s little angelic curls or big waves – you can never go wrong with curls. The former works best with a thin curling iron. The easiest way to conjure up beach waves is with a straightening iron.

If you want to save time, shower the night before and blow-dry your hair lightly. Then twist the half-dried hair into a high bun and sleep on it overnight. Open the bun the next morning and look forward to beautiful waves. Very Christmassy!

Do you want your hair to last all day even during the stress of Christmas? We’ll tell you the tricks you can use to make your curls last.

Christmas hairstyles to pin up

Now it gets a bit trickier, but it will be worth it because updos look incredibly elegant. You can also get everything under control with enough hairspray. We show you five updos to make yourself for every hair length. You will be the eye-catcher at all Christmas parties.

Braided Christmas hairstyles

Braided hairstyles usually look more complicated than they are – but one thing is certain: with a braided hairstyle, your hair is artistically staged! Here we have particularly simple braided hairstyles for you:

Christmas hairstyles in record time

The time and muse is too short at Christmas to take care of curls or updos? It’s a good thing that there are beautiful hair accessories everywhere. From pearl clips to bows to cute headbands, there is something for every taste. Festive hairstyles in less than a minute and your hair is more beautifully decorated than the Christmas tree! Nobody can imitate us so quickly.

3 Christmas Hairstyles Stylists Would Wear

Well, do you already know which hairstyle you will wear on Christmas Eve this year? If you are still undecided, you can consult the experts here. We asked ourselves the question: What would the pros wear – and went straight to the search. Here are three festive hairstyles that we’re going to imitate right away.

Loose and fluffy: Christmas hairstyles with the low ponytail

A deep braid is nothing special at first. I’m sure many of you wear it every day. But this basic hairstyle can be turned into a Christmas hairstyle in no time at all – just like star stylist Matthew Collins shows. On Instagram he shows a particularly elegant variant of the low ponytail. You just put some texturizing spray in your hair to give it a little more grip. Then you gather your hair low at the nape of your neck and let a few strands hang out at the front. Make sure that the hair that is in the braid is really close to the head. The stricter the better. Optionally, you can also wrap a strand of hair around the hair tie to make it look even more elegant. Otherwise you just choose a gold or silver hair band, that is just as beautiful and especially festive for Christmas!

Girly vibes: Christmas hairstyles with glamor waves

Waves and Christmas? Fits! However, we’re not just wearing our waves this year, we’re pimping them up with the most glamorous accessories possible. These can be hair clips or hair bands, for example. Pearls always look particularly festive, but rhinestones and lettering also look great in the hair. Choose hair accessories that best match the jewelry you will be wearing. This gives your look an extra glam factor! A little tip: If you wear hair clips, then tuck the hair on the side behind your ear to make the clips even more effective.

Christmas hairstyles with a Hollywood feeling: curved tips

Okay, it’s official: we’ve discovered the most festive hairstyle ever – and it’s actually not that complicated. We’re talking upturned tips. Never heard, seen or worn? No problem! To style the Christmas hairstyle, you definitely need a curling iron (with a clip to hold the hair in place). You can straighten your hair first and then work strand by strand and curl the ends up. Star stylist Justine Marjan shows how it’s done in this video.

If you want, you can also combine this Christmas hairstyle with a high braid. However, it gets a bit more difficult here to conjure up the hairstyle alone. In general, we would recommend that you practice the technique of bending the tips a few times. You know, safety first!

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Here you will find the most beautiful New Year’s hairstyles. There are also the most beautiful braided hairstyles for short hair and, if you are looking for a very special styling, we have put together the most beautiful vintage hairstyles for you here.

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