Christmas gifts for fashion lovers for less than 30 euros +2023

If a few days ago we saw gift ideas for Christmas for less than 20 euros, today it is the turn of slightly more comfortable budgets. Something but not too much, of course, because we are only going to think about gifts that cost less than 30 euros. All of them oriented to fashionistasfor what they have to do or with the fashion world or with the one of the beauty (or both, of course).

15 beauty gifts for less than 30 euros with which to make any beauty lover fall in love this Christmas

And it is that in this very Christmas month, with so many gifts and self-gifts ahead, one no longer knows what to buy to please your partner, your family or your invisible friend (if you only have one, of course). So that a little inspiration never hurts, of course. Attention:

customizable initial necklace

Letter Necklace Singulaur

We start with a basic such as jewelry, we know, but what always works is always good. That’s how it is. so yeah this Singularu Initial Silver Gold Plated Necklace (we can choose the one we want) is a very good gift. €39.95 27.95 euro.

Singularu Initial Necklace

Singularu Initial Necklace

A daring party bag

Semitransparent Party Bag In Purple

Gifts are also the perfect time for the other person to receive something that they normally would not have decided to buy, so why not take a risk with a so original and beautiful bag like this one parfois? €29.99.

Purple semi-transparent party bag

Purple semi-transparent party bag

A book about fashion

fashion book

What better gift is there for a fashion lover than a book that tells her story? A hardcover encyclopedia that during its 480 pages makes a time journey through the last 3,000 years of fashion history. 28.40 euro.

Fashion.  History and styles

A Bimba y Lola purse

Rectangular Black Nylon Purse

A purseespecially if it has a design as simple and versatile as this nylon bimba and lolaIt is always a good option. 26 euro.

Rectangular black nylon purse by Bimba y Lola

Rectangular black nylon purse by Bimba y Lola

A body that stylizes

Body Deva Black

East Born Living Yoga bodysuitas it is made of a fabric that adapts perfectly to the body, makes great guy. The best? It has a thong-type design, so it will not mark us in any pants. 29.90 euro.

Bodysuit Deva Black from Born Living Yoga

Bodysuit Deva Black from Born Living Yoga

a leather belt

Woman's Black Leather Belt With Ball Detail

It may be that right off the bat a belt is not our first choice when it comes to giving as a gift, but what if it is one made of leather and with a design as cool as this one from Brownies? Then things change, of course. 25.90 euro.

Brownie belt in black leather with ball detail

Brownie belt in black leather with ball detail

The most special jeweler

Pink Jewelry Box With Embroidered Initial Letter A

These El Corte Inglés jewelersavailable with almost every letter of the alphabet embroideredThey are a sweetest gift to give our friends or family. €25.95.

Embroidered Initial Jewelry Box

Embroidered Initial Jewelry Box

A Casio watch

Casio watch

A Casio watch, one of those we wore when we were young and that enhances the retro aesthetic so much today, it is also an ideal gift for Christmas. This one in silver costs 27.90 euros, so it fits our budget perfectly.

Casio watch

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