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Tuesday night brought fashion, fun and some drama! Sell ​​sunset‘s Chrishell Stause41, accepted Twitter in the early hours of December 7 and blasted the People’s Choice Awards for “not allowing” her to bring her partner, G flip, 28. “I’m a little on the sauce, so I’ll probably regret that later. BUT people’s decision didn’t allow me to bring my partner to the awards,” the star broker began. “I could ONLY get a plus 1 if it’s an actor. Wtf Sure that means I’ll never be nominated again but frankly fu.

She followed up her initial tweet with a few others as well, one even claiming that other cast members of the hit Netflix show had a plus of one. “EVERY single cast member was invited and some had plus points. I was nominated for Best Real Estate Star and yet they said NO. Again fu”, the Construction work in progress author wrote. Chrishell also claimed that she didn’t know who was invited until she arrived, which apparently further irritated her. “Until I got there, I didn’t know everyone was invited. So what was the problem?!” She added.

In her next post, the businesswoman added that her partner is out of town but she’s still fighting to get her in beforehand. “G’s not in the country so he couldn’t go anyway, but we only realized that recently. Up until a few days ago I was struggling to get them in and just to see everyone invited. Gtfoh”, Chrishells Fourth tweet read to the point. And finally in her fifth tweet The 41-year-old tagged the PCAs on the subject. “If you’re inviting the entire cast of #sellingsunset @peopleschoice awards, then why MUST my plus be a performer or otherwise say I don’t get a plus one…?” she continued. “If no other cast were invited it would make sense but…” The TV personality also added the icon Cardi B Mem, from the rapper who yells, “What was the reason?!”

Chrishell Stause on the red carpet at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards. (Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

At the end of Chrishell’s Twitter vent session, she admitted she had “one too many tequilas,” prompting her to post about G Flip’s absence. “I get it – there are WAY bigger issues out there. But those are the things that people don’t usually say out loud unless they have multiple receipts of correspondence and they’ve had one too many tequilas and dgaf,” she said closed. But before things took a bad turn online, the blonde beauty hit the purple carpet at the PCAs solo and looked stunning in a sheer sequined dress.

Chrishell rocked the turtleneck dress with a nude one-piece suit underneath and silver pumps. That all my children Alum chose to wear her tresses in a sleek updo, which also allowed her bangs to frame her face perfectly. She accessorised the ensemble with a gold handbag and a white nail polish manicure. And despite the tweets, Chrishell appeared to be in good spirits at the event as she posted her a clip of her dancing with some of her co-stars Instagram story. Some of the other ladies seen grooving with Chrishell were her co-stars Amanza Smith, Chelsea Lazkani.

Chrishell and G
Chrishell Stause & G Flip went public with their romance in May. (Christopher Polk/Shutterstock)

G Flip and Chrishell went public with their romance in May this year and have been spotted flaunting their love on social media for months. They even accepted Instagram to show off their Halloween costumes, which each of them dressed up in for the holidays. Before G Flip, Chrishell was married This is us star Justin Hartley45, from 2017 until their divorce in 2021.

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