How to Choose The Perfect Hairstyle For An Oval Face 2023 HairStyle

How to choose the perfect hairstyle for an oval face?

Next, we take a closer look at what options hairstyles and hair length can best emphasize the advantages of the oval face, as well as focus on current fashion trends.

Stylists note that one of the main trends in recent years is a significant reduction in hair length. More recently, fans of fashion tried at any cost to grow curls, popular smooth and perfectly straight strands below the blades. Today, more and more models, pop stars and cinema, as well as all those who are constantly following the world’s fashion trends prefer short haircuts.

Hairstyles for oval face, fashionable in the season 2018-2019
1. Pixie (Pixie)

The palm should be given to the haircut is called a pixie. In its classic performance refers to short hairstyles, however, showing imagination and skill, a professional hairdresser with its help will help you to realize almost any image. Mischievous, expressive or even daring – the result depends on the type of hair and the chosen length. Having an oval shape of the face, you can safely experiment with varieties of Pixies and styling options.


The advantages of this hairstyle include its versatility – it looks equally great on straight and curly curls, and in addition it is able to add the missing volume to the owners of thin hair.

In addition, pixie is much too dark for the age, while not distracting attention from the face. Celebrities such as Sharon stone and Rihanna gave preference to youth and ease, embodied in this version of the haircut.

If you decide to try on a star image and decide on a hairstyle, you must take into account the following nuances:
to maintain the haircut in perfect condition it will have to be updated regularly, it will need to visit a beauty salon not once a month;
you will need to hair styling, to ensure that the hair is kept the desired shape;
short hair focuses on the face, for this reason, the skin should have a flawless look;
protruding ears can spoil even the most beautiful short haircut.
Taking into account the above, many prefer the average length of hair. Such haircuts are less capricious in care, do not require constant styling and maintaining the appropriate length. In addition, a large selection of possible options for hairstyles will allow any girl to choose the most suitable.

2. Bob is always on trend

This haircut is an option between short hair and medium-length curls. To date, hairdressers have developed many different variations of hairstyles-Bob can be asymmetrical, graduated, elongated front, with bangs or without, as well as with various options for the location of the parting. Bob haircut is not finicky – it looks great on thin, thick, straight or curly curls. Fans of Bob are Victoria Beckham and keira Knightley.

Stylists recommend trying to put the bean on one side, trim the oblique bangs, make a short nape in combination with long strands, framing the face, try to curl the upper curls or shave the temple from the parting. Any of the proposed options will add to your image of elegance and chic.

The most common haircut for medium length hair is still quads. There is a great variety of types of quads, the most popular of which are quads on the leg, elongated, graduated or asymmetrical.

The classic version of the square involves hair cut along one length along the middle of the neck. It looks perfect on straight and thick hair.

3. Graduated square

To hide imperfections such as fine hair will help a graduated Bob. It looks great on any face shape, suitable for curly hair, and professionally executed coloring can add showiness and expressiveness.

If necessary, add the volume of hair, it is better to give preference to the square on the leg, which is perfect for owners of the oval face.

A high forehead will hide the square with bangs, which can be both straight and trimmed obliquely or elongated.

4. Cascade does not go out of fashion

Cascade, like no other haircut, will help hide the shortcomings of thin hair, devoid of volume. To create texture, or to highlight individual strands will help, the highlighting or coloring of hair. The advantages of this hairstyle include the ability to perform a variety of styling, in addition, the cascade allows free flowing hair or collected in the tail, the presence of bangs of any kind.

For ladies older ideal short haircuts. First of all, this is due to the fact that with age, the hair structure deteriorates significantly, and their number decreases. These defects can easily hide hairstyles with short or medium length strands, such options do not require significant time for care and styling, and, in addition, can visually reduce the age of the woman.

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