Cherry Coke: Wear this color trend from head to lip now +2023

Cherry cola trend
We now wear this shade from head to lip

Cherry Coke: Wear this color trend from head to lip now

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Stars like Sophie Turner, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner triggered a real hair trend last year: Copper was the tone of the hour. In 2023, shades of red are still in trend, but are now coming in much darker nuances.

In 1985 there was big news for cola fans: the Cherry Coke was introduced. The mixture of the caffeinated drink and the fresh stone fruit had already become a popular taste combination in advance. Almost forty years later, the Cherry Coke is experiencing a new high, but this time not on the drinks shelf, but in the beauty case of successful beauty influencers.

Cherry Coke: A color trend for our lips, hair and clothes

Cherry and cola not only merge into an unbeatable duo in terms of taste, the delicious brown and red tones of a Cherry Coke let us indulge in memories of the 90s and 00s in 2023. Even then, black cherry hair was considered an absolute must, but in the years that followed, the dark, mystical shade was less popular. After numerous Y2K trends celebrated their comeback, it was only a matter of time before the smoky wine red would be brought out again.

Dark brown tones or black serve as the basis for the color tone, strong red pigments are added. Magenta or purple tones can also be added as desired, the range here is large. Watch out: Depending on the basic hair color, the coloring result may vary. In order to achieve the best possible result, darker hair nuances are recommended, as these convey the mysterious, dark essence of the color best.

Cherry Coke Lips: A beauty trend is going viral

The color trend of the 90s and 00s is not only making it onto our heads this year, a whole new beauty trend is going viral on TikTok: the Cherry Coke Lips. Similar to the hair, different shades are combined here. Cherry Coke Lips are similar to Dark Lips, one of the 2023 beauty trends from the runway, but differ in their glossy finish, which makes them appear much softer and fruitier. Do you want to follow the lip trend? No problem! All you need is a red-brown lip liner that’s a few shades darker than your skin tone, a lipstick that’s a little lighter in your favorite berry shade, and a cherry-colored lip gloss.

How to do Cherry Coke Lips makeup

As with ombré lips, Cherry Coke Lips start with the darkest color. The lips are generously outlined with the lip liner and then colored in with the lipstick. The last step is the lip gloss.

Cherry tones conquer the catwalk

Cherry meets Cola isn’t just about beauty, we also spotted some dark, smoky wine red tones on the Valentino and Marc Jacobs catwalks. Here, the black base takes a back seat, but is subtly accentuated by materials such as velvet or sequins in the shadows cast.

Even if you don’t like Cherry Coke as a drink, we’re probably all going to love it as a color this year.


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