Chenoa updates her black and VERY warm double-sided vest from Zara with flared pants +2023

Chenoa has kicked off the weekend with a basic and warm look that we have recorded at the speed of light in Zara. It has not been difficult for us since the main garment is his double-sided vest from Zara that we have already seen on occasion but this time he has been updated with the most fashionable pants of the year: flared jeans with a great effect.

Tamara Falcó wears the IDEAL Cortefiel pants for Christmas: they are metallic and look great with a white blouse

We have seen Chenoa with this double-sided vest from Zara and leggings and a warm sweater, but this time she has worn it with flared pants, a shirt and a velvet jacket -which we also have very well known- as a fleece. She has completed with platform and heel ankle boots that makes your legs longer and slimmer. It is a perfect look to go out for breakfast or lunch on the weekend or enjoy an afternoon of Christmas shopping.


Double-sided vests never go out of style, but this Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 season they are being worn again especially. This one from Chenoa, which is still available at Zara in all sizes, although the fever has broken out and it will sell out before the saleshas many points in favor:

  • It is totally black so it is much more versatile.
  • It has an ideal length up to the height of the hip, which in addition to sheltering more on colder days makes us more comfortable. And hide hip.
  • It has edging and a neck with a super loving and soft fur, which enhances its cozy point and makes it super warm.

Zara’s black double-sided vest that will be a hit before the 2023 sales

Zara has made a mark with this elegant version of the double-sided waistcoat with a lapel collar and sleeveless sleeves in black leather effect. It has pockets with zippers, straps, buckles and is lined with soft fur. A garment to wear with all kinds of looks in 24/7 plans and that also, Like all bomber-style jackets, it ipso facto rejuvenates and modernizes a look.

Zara vest
Zara (2969/250) €59.95

Chenoa combines her double-sided vest with flared jeans: an infallible +40 combo

This type of vest can be worn with absolutely the whole winter wardrobe and from morning to night. To go warm and pretty in the morning it is a perfect option. For example, with a tailored suit to break that formal point, with leggings or a sweatshirt or, as Sara Carbonero wears it, with dresses of any style.

Chenoa wears it with the most popular flared pants this Fall/Winter 2022-2023 and with a very powerful anti-aging effect (and great guy too). These are dark jeans with an elastic waist, which hide the tummy, with a flared finish with an opening at the hem, which lengthens the legs and makes them more modern. This opening allows the footwear to be seen and gives this accessory more prominence in the whole ‘look’. There are ideal models of open pants in all stores.

Pull&Bear jeans
Pull&Bear (8681315), €25.99
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