Chenoa surprises with a youthful and elegant long-sleeved polo shirt in equal parts +2023

chenoa She continues to take steps in the world of communication, without neglecting her facet as a singer that has brought her fame. In one of her radio programs on her Europa FM (which are also broadcast on video through social networks) we saw her with a look that has aroused our curiosity. More youthful than ever and looking as relaxed and comfortable as possible. How did she get it?

10 tricks to dress very comfortable and elegant in winter

He has done it with a garment that is not one of the most common in the female wardrobe. It’s about a long sleeve polo shirt. A garment with a certain masculine air with a sporty touch, specifically tennis and also associated with other sports such as golf, rugby, etc. Chenoa adds a very personal touch with her way of combining it with simplicity and elegance. In the same way that she made us fall in love when she put on the Primark viral coat designed by Paula Echevarría. Her star garment was the fuchsia coat and the rest of the total black look was a complete success.

Chenoa’s polo look

Europe FM/ Jameson

The new radio presenter attended her program, which emulates a chat with friends in a bar, with an outfit made up of a long-sleeved striped polo shirt in green tones and skinny black high-waisted pants.

We have noticed other details of her look such as the belt, which provides a touch of shine and brand figure. Also the manicure with short, rounded and black nailsIdeal for this time of year.

As for her hair, she shows off her loose and wavy midi length hair. A hairstyle that provides a lot of movement, something that it also achieves with the layers of its cut that begin at the cheekbone with long, most flattering bangs.

How to Wear a Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Look with women's polo shirt

Inspired by Chenoa’s look, we have created this outfit with which to go for a walk, to work or have a drink with some friends this winter.

  • The green and white striped polo shirt long-sleeved shirt is from Stradivarius. It costs €19.99 and you can choose it with other colors such as black and burgundy combined with white. (REF: 06757357-I2022).
  • The black pants is super stretch high rise jean five pockets and skinny. It’s from Zara and it costs €19.95, you have it available in more denim tones. (REF: BLACK | 0250/251).
  • The gold maxi buckle belt It’s from Sfera (via El Corte Inglés) and I’m sure you can get a lot out of it with this and other types of looks. It costs €9.99 (REF: 001059007007301).
  • We don’t know what footwear Chenoa is wearing, but it’s easy for us to imagine her with some military style boots. They are trendy, they are comfortable and ideal to combat the cold. Its track sole adds a few extra centimeters of height without losing comfort. We have found them at H&M for €39.99 (REF:1076777001).
  • And finally, the detail of the Chenoa dark manicure. We copied it with the Mia Cosmetics Paris enamel for €7.95, with a 9-Free formulation and a spectacular gloss finish.
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