Charli XCX revealed her Spotify Wrapped, favorite tour moments and future collabs +2023

The end of the year is a time for reflection, but more importantly, it’s a time to see your Spotify Wrapped and look back at the music and podcasts you’ve obsessed with over the past year.

To celebrate this year’s Wrapped (which unveiled new features like Your Listening Personality), Spotify hosted its 2022 Wrapped Playground event in Los Angeles on December 1. The event was a carnival-themed interactive experience, complete with activations promoted by some inspired by this year’s top artists like Gravy’s Marvelous House of Mirrors (inspired by Yung Gravy) and Bad Habit Skee-Ball (inspired by Steve Lacey’s hit “Bad Habit”). ). There were also a few rides, games and even a booth where you could airbrush your own trucker hat. Seriously, this event had it all.

In addition to the fun games and activations, Wrapped Playground also had some special guests. Multi-hyphenated Paris Hilton performed, kicking off the event with an hour-long DJ set, followed by a special performance from fan favorite Charli XCX, who has had a massive year in music.

Before she took the stage Teen Vogue caught up with Charli who shared her personal Spotify Wrapped highlights of hers crash Tour, and more below:

Teen Vogue: First, can you give us a glimpse of your personal Spotify Wrapped? Who are your top artists of the year?

Charlie XCX: My top artist, my number one artist was Hudson Mohawk. I was my second *laughs* Then who was there? MIA, and I think YoungMe was there too.

TV: Many of your top songs on Spotify this year have been your collaborations with other artists like Tiësto and Saweetie. Do you have any plans for further collaborations in the new year that we can look forward to? Or is there someone you would like to work with?

CXCX: Right now I’m just finishing my tour so I’m really just looking forward to not working at all and just chilling. So that’s my focus right now. But in terms of someone I’d like to work with, I’d really like to work with Lil Uzi Vert, he’s like my favorite artist now.

TV: You’ve had such a great year with new music and touring. Do you have any favorite moments from the tour?

CXCX: Yes, I think it’s always very special to play shows where there are a lot of friends and family present. So the London show was really amazing because a lot of my best friends came and my parents came. It was very wholesome and sweet and just felt like a really exciting moment playing Ally Pally, which is quite an iconic venue in the UK.

TV: So you’re performing tonight. Which songs are you looking forward to the most?

CXCX: Well I know some of my best listeners are coming tonight and I have a feeling my fans really love my song “Vroom Vroom”. So I put that in the setlist for them and that song always feels really funny too.

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