Celebrities with gray hair: The best looks

Celebrities with gray hair: The best looks +2023

Gray hair – inevitable? As we get older, we all get gray hair at some point. For some they come earlier, for others later. But what many as natural Simply accepting the process is an absolute no-go for others.

Gray hair: the right care

With increasing age, the structure of the hair also changes with the color of the hair. The hair shaft becomes thinner and the hair grows shorter. Many women also get gray hair with a slight yellow tinge. This can have various causes, such as UV light, chlorine or cigarette smoke. If the hair lacks shine and a strong gray tone, you don’t have to go straight to the hairdresser, you can also do it yourself: a shampoo with silver or blue components neutralizes this yellow tinge. It is also important to use a conditioner that suits the hair structure (e.g. curly, strong, fine) after each hair wash. It gives shine and makes the hair easier to comb.

Gray hair: which haircut suits?

Many women used to think of a short haircut when they had gray hair. But this cliché is long outdated. Long and medium-length hair also looks beautiful in gray. As with all other hair colors, it is also important that the cut suits the hair structure and the shape of the face. Shoulder-length hair, for example, suits almost everyone, short haircuts are better suited for fine hair, long hair with a strong hair structure.

Gray hair: coloring and dyeing

If you just don’t like your gray hair, you can of course cover it up with a different color. Choosing the right dye depends on the percentage of gray hair on your head. Up to 30 percent gray you can work well with a caring intensive tint. If the proportion of gray is higher, you should use a coloring because only it guarantees reliable gray coverage. However, the coloring of the hair should be left to the professionals so that there are no nasty color surprises.

If you want to use the paint yourself, you should pay attention to a few things in order not to risk a “helmet effect”. Monochrome hair tints that are too far removed from the natural hair color or too many highlights in too stark a color nuance result in this “helmet effect”. It is therefore better to only tint highlights in the hair that correspond to the original, natural hair color. You should also pay attention to the ingredients pro-collagen and pro-ceramide in the product. These are particularly suitable for mature hair, filling it up from the inside, protecting it from external influences and smoothing it out.

Gray hair: the most beautiful looks

Gray hair or “granny hair” is trendy – even for 20-year-olds. Is that a reason why more and more celebrity women stand by their natural hair color? We show the most beautiful hairstyles and styling for gray hair in our gallery. Get inspired!

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