Cause of Postpartum Hair Loss

Cause of Postpartum Hair Loss +2023

Many women who have just given birth face hair loss a few months after the baby is born. First of all, this is normal. The decrease in estrogen and progesterone hormone levels is shown as the cause of hair loss after childbirth. These hormones, which cause changes in body structure during pregnancy, decrease after birth. Our body also tries to adapt to this change and return to its pre-pregnancy state. Postpartum hair loss is also the result of this adaptation process of our body. So what causes postpartum hair loss? Is it normal? When does hair loss go away after giving birth and is there a solution?

What is the Cause of Postpartum Hair Loss?

During pregnancy, estrogen levels in the body increase. The high estrogen hormone ensures the revitalization and thickening of the hair. During pregnancy, you may notice that your hair grows faster than other periods and looks more lively. After birth, these hormones increase in the body and return to normal levels. Hair that does not shed during pregnancy begins to shed intensively as the estrogen hormone returns to normal. Hair loss after birth can develop due to different reasons besides the decrease in hormone levels. Decreased blood values, increased anxiety and stress experienced by the mother after pregnancy, insufficient intake of minerals and vitamins during breastfeeding and unbalanced nutrition are some of these reasons.

Is Postpartum Hair Loss Normal?

Postpartum hair loss is a temporary and normal condition. This shows that you are experiencing as a result of your body returning to normal. Therefore, stress should not be done and should not be worried.

How Long Does Postpartum Hair Loss Last?

Many mothers experience postpartum hair loss problem. Hair loss is usually seen intensely in the first 3 months following birth. It is expected to return to its former state in 6 months. In some cases, hair loss returns to its original state 1 year after birth, that is, on your baby’s birthday. These periods may vary depending on your healthy diet and body structure. However, if your hair has not returned to its former fullness after 1 year, you may need to see a dermatologist. The reason for your hair loss may be different.

Will the Hair Loss After Birth Come Back Again?

Postpartum hair loss is a temporary condition that does not require treatment. 1 year after birth, your hair loss will decrease and new hair will be replaced. You should not stress in this type of hair loss. If you wish, you can read our suggestions to reduce hair loss in the continuation of our article.

What to do for hair shedding after giving birth?

Although there is no definitive solution to hair loss after birth, if excessive hair loss bothers you; Listen to these recommendations we have prepared for you until your hair returns to its original state. Here are what dermatologists and we recommend:

  • Eat well. Your nutrition program consisting of healthy foods strengthens your hair. In cases where there is no balanced and adequate nutrition, some vitamin and mineral values ​​in our body decrease. Especially low levels of B12, iron and thyroid hormone cause hair loss. You can take them in addition to conditions that your doctor deems necessary.
  • Give your hair the necessary care and attention. Avoid using shampoos containing chemicals. Instead, you can choose natural shampoos and conditioners that give volume. You can nourish your hair by choosing shampoos containing biotin. In addition, you can stay away from electrical applications such as tongs and blow dryers that wear your hair, at least in this process.
  • Opt for conditioners formulated for fine hair. Because creams with this feature contain lighter formulas. Also, be sure to apply your conditioner to the ends of your hair.
  • The combs you prefer to comb your hair should be wide and coarse-toothed. Fine-toothed combs can cause your hair to break and fray.

In addition to these, your haircut also affects the appearance of the hair. Most new moms prefer short hairstyles. It also provides ease of use for mothers who spend most of their time on their babies. Remember, postpartum hair loss is normal. Therefore, instead of feeling anxious and worried, you should prefer to spend pleasant time with your baby.

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