Retro Natural Hair Dye Tutorial

1. Goldwell silk lift bleach, with serum, Olaplex and their 30vol developer 2. Base bump Redken color gels 10na hairline 30volBase 7na+ 8na 30vol3. Rinse shampoo condition dry No glossSTYLED BE ME✨✨ The Biggest tips for at home hair care:1.Use purple shampoo once a week2. Make sure there’s not copper in your water supply, which … Read more

Caramel Highlight Hair Dye Formula

I love the caramel hair color. Especially it suits women with brown skin color. You can apply this beautiful caramel hair color yourself. Hair dyes and how to apply description of here. Starting:All copper chunky gold highlights Goal:Warm, soft gold highlights, dimension, no strips, with a hint of soft red glow*i only did about 5 … Read more

Ash Blonde Highlights Formula

Olaplex applying a hair dyeing process. Your hair will look brighter and healthier with this process. The minimum level would wear. Subject is quoted. 1st time Highlights 30 volWasn’t good enought Deep condition olaplex 2nd timeHighlights with 50 vol on the darker parts15volThe medium parts Wasn’t good enought Deep Condition olaplex 3rd times a CHARMFinally … Read more

Wella’s illumina Blonde Mix Formula

I want to share this way when I found beautiful hair color applications with you. This is really a beautiful hair color. I wrote that are used in hair dyes. Wella’s illumina colour completed with a star section.    Formula : 10/36 + 9/60 on the top and 10/1 on the bottom.

Blonde Pink Ombre Formula

To color the extensions pink, I used the following products: – Koleston Perfect 10/0 – Koleston Perfect 0/65 – Welloxon 20vol developer You need to mix the above products together in ratio 1 part (10/0) + 1 part (0/65) + 2 parts (developer) To color the entire set of extensions, you’ll need to use at … Read more

Beige hair color Formula

Very nice and successful hair. color application. The first condition of the hair is very bad. Hair color green and Worn. We need to fix. The hair dye brand used “Goldwell ” Formula A: Goldwell Topchic 9N and water Formula B: Goldwell Topchic 6B + 7B equal parts 10 volume Formula C: Goldwell Topchic 10N + … Read more