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Bonnie Rotten and Jesse James

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  • Jesse James is famous for marrying and divorcing Sandra Bullock.
  • He has been married five times and is also known for his “bad boy” personality.
  • Jesse’s pregnant wife Bonnie Rotten just filed for divorce.

JesseJamesthe famous ex of the actress Sandra BullockShe’s had a bit of a bumpy ride when it comes to relationships. While he seems to be best remembered for his brief relationship The Lost City Star, a Long Beach, California native, has his own accomplishments. He is known as a host of reality hits Jesse James is a dead man on Spike TV and monster garage via the Discovery Channel. The documentation motorcycle madness, also centered around Discovery.

But behind the camera, he struggles to find success in marriage and personal life, and has gone through multiple marriages since the early 1990s. When the news broke that his current wife is an adult movie star Bonnie Rott has filed for divorce amid cheating allegations, here’s what you need to know about the West Coast Choppers founder’s and TV personality’s past serious relationships.

Karl James

Jesse, now 53, was married Karl James from 1991-2002, and together they welcomed two children – son Jesse James Jr.and daughter ChandlerJames. Little is known about the long marriage, which lasted 11 years, but Karla is said to be a British adult model.

Janine Lindemulder

Janine Lindemulder
Janine Lindemulder, second wife of Jesse James. They share a daughter. (SplashNews)

The Discovery Channel star wasted no time in moving on and married an adult film actress, adult model and former exotic dancer Janine Lindemulder in 2002. Janine and Jesse reportedly had a volatile relationship and split in November 2003 amid allegations of cheating and domestic violence. Janine was seven months pregnant with her daughter, Sunny, when Jesse allegedly started dating America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock himself.

Sandra Bullock

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock
Jesse James and Sandra Bullock (Dee Cercone/Everett Collection)

Jesse reached new heights of fame when he first dated and then married while you sleep star in 2005. As America scratched its head over the match, Sandra became a loving stepmother to Jesse’s three children from his previous relationships. She publicly praised him and gushed about her family life. “Here’s the thing, I have kids,” she said during a press conference in 2007, per Closer. “I have married children. i love these kids My concern and love for these children as a co-parent is no less than if I had that child biologically. I don’t see any biological difference between that and having a child of your own. I feel for the kids I have in my life and I wouldn’t change that.”

Sandra and James had started the adoption process, but cracks began to appear as things came together. While Jesse won custody of Sunny against Janine, who challenged custody after serving time in jail for tax evasion, reports also surfaced that Jesse was cheating on the gorgeous actress with the model Michelle “Bomb” McGee. Others came forward with alleged affairs after Michelle claimed she had an 11-month affair with Jesse.

The blind side The actress filed for divorce from Jesse in late April 2010 and the split was finalized later that summer. She went ahead and adopted her eldest son Ludwig around the same time, without Jesse.

Kat von D

Jesse James and Kat von D
Jesse James and Kat Von D were engaged. (Michael Germana/Everett Collection)

Goth makeup expert Kat von D turned out to be the TV personality’s next conquest. They reportedly started dating in August 2010 and were engaged in January 2011. Kat announced an abrupt split in July 2011, per PERSONS, but they reunited the following month. In a dizzying turn of events, they split again in September 2011, with Kat accusing him of cheating with nearly 20 women abc news.

Alexis DeJoria

Jesse James and Alexis DeJoria
Jesse James and Alexis DeJoria were married for seven years. (SplashNews)

drag racers Alexis DeJoria next took on the bad boy, met in late 2012 and married on March 24, 2014 at the sprawling estate of the bride’s father, billionaire investor and co-founder Paul Mitchell John Paul DeJoria. The duo stayed together for a surprising seven years, but they split in 2020. “I know many of you have been asking if I will be attending the NHRA races this year to work on Alexis’ fun car,” he wrote in part via Instagram. “It is incredibly sad to announce that Alexis and I have decided to end our marriage.”

Bonnie Rott

Bonnie Rott
Bonnie Rotten, Jesse James’ fifth wife (Image: SplashNews)

Adult stars Bonnie, 29, and Jesse started dating in 2021 and married in June 2022 in a backyard ceremony in Texas, per page six. But things quickly went wrong in his fifth marriage. In early December, the seven-month-pregnant porn actress took to Instagram to accuse him of cheating on her. For his part, Jesse loudly denied the allegations in a now-deleted message In contact, “Baby, I didn’t cheat on you, I swear!!” he wrote. “I’m sorry we had a fight. I’m sorry I called you a ‘retard’ when we were fighting. I know this only made you angrier and did nothing to improve the situation. It was out of line and childish and immature. I’m sorry I did that. please know I never thought of cheating on you. I never tried to cheat on you. I never felt the need to cheat on you. You’re the only one I want, forever.”

Still, the marriage seemed to have run its course, as the adult actress filed for divorce not just once, but twice per divorce TMZ. She submitted on Thursday, December 1st, backed down, and then resubmitted on Tuesday, December 6th. “I love Jesse so much and was very hurt by what I saw while searching his phone,” she wrote via Instagram at the time, per TMZ.

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