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Start upgrading your (animated) engines because another movie based on Nintendos Super Mario Video game franchise coming out soon. The film that is officially titled The Super Mario Bros. Movie, is an animated project featuring a cast of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. plans for the next Mario The movie started back in 2016, but production didn’t officially start until 2020. This is the third feature film adaptation of the video game series. The first was the 1986 anime film, Super Mario Bros: The Great Mission to Save Princess Peach! The live-action film followed in 1993 Super Mario Bros.who played the lead role Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopperand Samantha Mathis.

Fans are so excited to see their favorite characters from the Super Mario franchise reappear on the big screen. Nintendo released the first teaser poster for the film on October 4th and the full-length trailer on November 29th, which you can see above. From the talented actors who lend their voices to the film to the current release date, here’s what we know about them Super Mario Movie.

Mario Movie (Photo: Nintendo)

release date

That Super Mario The film hits theaters in the United States on April 7, 2023. The film was originally scheduled for release on December 21, 2022 but was delayed by a few months. It will be available to stream 45 days after its theatrical release on Peacock. The film will also be released in Japan on April 28, 2023.

cast and crew

Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt (Photo: Todd Williamson/January Images/Shutterstock)

The entire cast has been officially announced as Nintendo directors Shigeru Miyamoto at the Nintendo Direct presentation on September 23, 2021. Mario will star Chris Pratt. Chris is best known for starring in the lead role Jurassic world and The Guardians of the Galaxy Franchise. Mario is a little Italian plumber who is in love with Princess Peach. lighting manufacturer Chris Meledandri has said that Chris Pratt will not use a heavy Italian accent for the speaking role. After Chris Pratt’s casting was announced, the internet was flooded with memes and jokes as many people were confused about the decision. But we bet he makes a great Mario impression.

Anya Taylor Joy
Anya Taylor-Joy (Photo: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

Anya Taylor Joy speaks the gorgeous Princess Peach. Anya is best known for starring in Netflix’s Emmy Award-winning series The Queen’s Gambit. Princess Peach is the ruler of Mushroom Kingdom and the typical damsel in distress who needs to be rescued by Mario. The film contains a love story between Chris Pratt and Anya-Taylor Joy!

Charlie Day
Charlie Day (Photo: Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

Charlie Day pronounces Luigi. Charlie is best known for playing Charlie Kelly on the sitcom it’s always sunny in Philadelphia. Luis is Mario’s younger twin brother and sidekick. He always sticks behind Mario no matter what!

Jack Black (Photo: Chris Pizzello/AP/Shutterstock)

JackBlack is the perfect cast for the monstrous Bowser. Jack is famous for School of Rock, Gulliver’s Travels, Bernieand the jumanji Franchise, among other projects. Bowser is Mario’s nemesis and regularly kidnaps Princess Peach to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom.

Keegan-Michael Key
Keegan-Michael Key (Photo: Marion Curtis/StarPix for AppleTV+/Shutterstock)

Keegan-Michael Key speaks Toad. Keegan-Michael is best known for his Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele. He has experience with voice-over work in the Hotel Transylvania movies & toy story 4. Toad is a citizen of Mushroom Kingdom and a close ally of Princess Peach.

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen (Photo: Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Seth Rogen will be the voice behind the infamous Donkey Kong. Seth has had a huge career, co-writing popular films such as Very bad and Pineapple Express. Donkey Kong is so popular in the Super Mario Franchise.

Fred Armissen
Fred Armisen (Photo: John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

Fred Armissen pronounces Cranky Kong. Fred has acted in countless comedy films such as Melvin goes to dinner and The dictator. Cranky Kong is a grumpy elderly gorilla and grandfather to Donkey Kong.

Kevin Michael Richardson (Photo: Chris Pizzello/AP/Shutterstock)

KevinMichaelRichardson is the voice behind Kamek. Kevin Michael voiced characters family Guy, American dad!and The simpsons. Kamek is Brower’s nanny. He has magical powers, including teleportation and resizing other creatures, as well as the ability to fire magical blasts.

Sebastian Maniscalco
Sebastian Maniscalco (Photo: Rob Latour/Shutterstock)

Sebastian Maniscalco pronounces Foreman Spike. Sebastian is a famous comedian who has released several very successful comedy specials. Foreman Spike is a builder and rival of Mario. The character was in the 1984 video game wreck crew with Mario and Luigi.

Karl Martint, 66, also has a speaking role in the upcoming film. Charles has been the voice of Mario and Luigi in the video game series since 1992. He also has other characters like Wario and Waluigi in almost every single video game version of the Super Mario Franchise. In the latest game that came out, 2022 Mario Strikers: Battle LeagueCharles addresses Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi.

Teen Titans go! developer Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic direct the Super Mario Movie. Matthew Foegel is the screenwriter, while Chris Meledandri and Shigeru Miyamoto are the producers. The film is being produced by Illumination (which is doing the animation) and Nintendo, while Universal Pictures is the distributor.

During a question and answer session at Nintendo’s February 2020 investor meeting, Shigeru Miyamoto stated that the virtual console inspired him to create the film. “Basically, it’s not like I want to do one Mario movie’, but I started thinking that we should bring more Nintendo content into the realm of video production. With movies would increase the number of people who would engage with our IP and increase the number of people engaging with our IP. Then we could further increase the distribution of our media via video,” he said in the interview.

Production trivia

Nintendo and Illumination began talks about making the film in 2016. After four years of negotiations, Nintendo became president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed the film would take place with an expected release date in 2022. The entire cast has already done their voice work for the film. Charlie Day, who provides the voice for Luigi, narrated screen rant in February 2022 that the job was very secretive. “I know so little about the movie because it’s like the Marvel Universe. They gave me very specific lines, and they call me and say, “Say Mario 7000 in different ways, and then we choose which ones we want,” Charlie said. “So I know next to nothing. I’m not part of the inner circle of Nintendo World.”


No plot details have been released Super Mario Movie, but as you can see in the trailer above, there will obviously be a duel between Mario and Bowser. Nintendo released the first teaser poster for the film on October 4th. The poster features Mario in his signature outfit looking down from the streets of the Mushroom Kingdom towards Princess Peach’s castle. Mario is surrounded by a group of toads. Nintendo also released the first teaser trailer at New York Comic Con on October 6th.

If past Mario Projects are an indication, then this new film will likely show Mario rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser with the help of Luigi and his allies. The romantic relationship between Mario and Peach will definitely be an important aspect of the film as well. We can’t wait for this film to arrive!

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