Carré Otis: 90s model gets a new modeling job at the age of 54

Carré Otis: 90s model gets a new modeling job at the age of 54 +2023

Carré Otis is back ’90s model lands lucrative modeling job at 54

Carre Otis

Carre Otis

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In the 90s, Carré Otis was able to celebrate great model success. After being quiet for 20 years, she is now celebrating her model comeback. And that at the side of a Hollywood star.

Carré Otis, 54, was born in California in 1968 and discovered as a model as a teenager. She was listed with the famous agency Elite Model Management and was able to land lucrative modeling jobs in the late 80s to the 00s. Despite a steep career, the beauty was quiet for 20 years – until now!

Carré Otis proves that models over 50 are still in demand

Whether on the cover of famous fashion magazines, campaign shoots – for Guess or Calvin Klein, among others – or on the catwalk at Fashion Week – there are few assignments that Carré has not done as a model. She even made a name for herself as an actress in the movie “Wild Orchid” alongside Mickey Rourke, to whom she was later married from 1992 to 1998. Everything seemed to be going well. Nevertheless, the 54-year-old withdrew from the modeling business for almost 20 years. In 2023 she returns to the international stage. She is in front of the camera with six other strong women for a campaign for “Hourglass Cosmetics”. One of them is Hollywood star Julianne Moore, 62. A close-up of the model makes it clear: beauty really doesn’t know any age.

All of the models in the campaign are of different ages, wear cream-colored dresses and wear red lipstick from the cosmetics brand, which is made vegan. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal welfare. It’s a powerful campaign that Carré is using to herald her comeback as a model at the age of 54.

Carré Otis has had a difficult few years

Though it’s her first modeling job in years, the ’90s icon hasn’t been idle in the meantime. She was already in the public eye in 2021 for filing a lawsuit against Gérald Marie, Elite’s former European boss. He is said to have raped her several times at the time – apparently not an isolated case, because BBC journalist Brinkworth and model Ebba Karlsson were also victims of Marie’s attacks. She also founded the Bare Mama Project, an alcohol education program, and works closely with Model Alliance, a model advocacy group focused on research and policies for models and others in the fashion industry.

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