Carmen Lomana’s dress skinny jeans are the ones that look best with country ankle boots at 60 +2023

If there is a woman over 60 on the national scene with her own style and a lot of class, that is Carmen Lomana. The socialite always achieves with her looks a mixture of timeless elegance and impeccable trend. In addition, she does not put on years, in fact she takes them off and knows exactly what clothes she is favored and stylized with.

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One of his latest looks we found most inspiring. Created from some basic wardrobe items, among which we highlight skinny jeans. Within the world of jeans, the trends are currently the most varied: They are worn straight, as well as culottes, also flared (flared) and this type of skinny.

Of course, the high shot continues to reign although some already come with a medium shot. Skinny jeans have been triumphing for years and it will be hard for us to give up how they stylize the figure to go back to others that are much wider, although we are already taking steps in that direction.

Look of Carmen Lomana

Carmen Lomana

This look that Carmen Lomana has shared with her more than 532,000 followers is made up of clothes you probably have in your closet. If not the same, surely they are still, and others that surely can be very interesting signings for this season. The only clue that has left us is that the checked blazer with elbow patches in brown tones is from Ralph Lauren.

But don’t start calculating because we didn’t make it to the end of the month. That is why we have set to work to show you that Dressing like Carmen Lomana is 100% possible with low-cost brand clothing or at least with a price that you can afford without having to ask for a loan.

Low cost alternative to Carmen Lomana’s look

Look Carmen Lomana

These are the purchases that we have found to copy the look of Carmen Lomana and we have included a bag. Who can go out without it? Knowing the style of this influencer +60, she would undoubtedly wear this comfortable and elegant outfit for any type of event that is not too formal.

  • Bershka Skinny Jeans In Mid Denim (REF: 0006/888/428) for €19.99 and with various shades of denim available. high shot effect skinny and with different lengths, a great detail for short girls who always end up with the problem of having to cut the bottom of their pants.
  • Mango ruffled blouse in cream (REF: 37086313-BIBIANA-LM) for €35.95. It is a flowy fabric shirt with ruffle detail on the front, V-neck, straight design and buttons on the cuffs.
  • Easy Wear blazer in brown check with elbow patches via El Corte Inglés (REF: 001041570701635) for €59.99. We love how it looks when closed and with the ruffles taking center stage, giving the look a romantic and retro air. But remember that you can also combine your blazer with fine turtleneck sweaters, with basic shirts and t-shirts and with dresses of all kinds.
  • Brown Suede Ankle Boots by Mustang via El Corte Inglés (REF: 8445363659441) for €89.95. They have a subtle cowboy design, a rounded toe and a 7.5-centimeter wide wooden heel. It is a leather shoe made in Spain.
  • And finally a small but practical bag because you can fit the essentials for a day away from home. You can carry it with a short handle (as Carmen Lomana likes), although it also includes a long one to hang it on when you feel like it. It is by Parfois (REF: 197474_CAM) and it costs €25.99 and in addition to camel color, you have it in black and white.
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