Caramel Highlight Hair Dye Formula

Caramel Highlight Hair Dye Formula


I love the caramel hair color. Especially it suits women with brown skin color. You can apply this beautiful caramel hair color yourself. Hair dyes and how to apply description of here.

All copper chunky gold highlights
Warm, soft gold highlights, dimension, no strips, with a hint of soft red glow
*i only did about 5 low light in the back and 3 on the side, I broke up the stripes
With baby fine highlight
Formula for her burgundy roots::
1. Base 1 1/2 inch blended out ( the shadow in the picture is not lighting it’s her base I blended out)
1/2 6n 1/4 4na 1/2 6n
2. Low lights (root to Mids)
1/2 6n 1/2 7ngb + pinch 6nbr
(Mids almost to ends leaving last inch out and feathering the line)
1/2 7n+ 1/2 7ngb+ pinch 6nbr
3. Rinse dry
4. Highlight 30 vol to pop some gold
5. Rinse on wet hair tone the root of the highlight with shades EQ
1/2 7nb+1/2 9nb+1/4 9g<EQ


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