Cannes beauty trends 2023: The looks of the stars are so wearable

Cannes beauty trends 2023: The looks of the stars are so wearable +2023

Cannes beauty trends 2023 The looks of the hour on the Riviera

Scarlett Johansson

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Last week was not just a celebration of films, but also of beauty looks. Several celebrities set certain accents – we show you the trends from Cannes 2023.

It can’t be enough glamor for one of the most famous red carpets in the world, right? Wrong thought! Because the beauty trends from Cannes in 2023 will be under the star of reduction. We will now show you exactly what that means.

Cannes beauty trends 2023: wearable red carpet glam

While we’re used to colorful eye shadows, graphic eyeliner and daring looks from the Met Gala, the stars on the French Riviera present themselves from a different side. Restrained elegance runs through the make-up, while the hairstyles also look effortlessly chic – mostly simply pinned up or simply worn openly with light waves. True to the motto “less is more”, these three beauty trends are particularly prominent in Cannes 2023.

1. Tone on tone, brown on brown

Gigi Hadid, Lily Rose Depp, Jennifer Lawrence

Gigi Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp and Jennifer Lawrence keep their eyes and lips tone-in-tone, with cool earth tones dominating their look.

©Getty Images

The age of cut creases is finally over. Sharp edges on the eyelids are history – long live the glare! As you can clearly see with Gigi Hadid, the eye shadow was aimed for a round shape. You can’t see a beginning or an end, because the middle shade of brown encloses her almond-shaped eyes and emphasizes them discreetly. Lily-Rose Depp also uses cool nuances in earth tones and gives her crease very gentle dimension, as does Jennifer Lawrence. It looks as if all three women had used no more than one eyeshadow tone – in line with the overarching theme of reduction. You can easily recreate this look with a fluffy blending brush. The cool brown also runs over the lip color and creates a particularly harmonious look.

2. Topless

Uma Thurman, Irina Shayk, and Brie Larson
Uma Thurman, Irina Shayk and Brie Larson don’t use eyeshadow at all, only lightly applying mascara to their lashes.

©Getty Images

Anyone who thought that eye make-up couldn’t be made even simpler than with the brown-on-brown trend is wrong. You can also skip the eyeshadow altogether, as proven by Uma Thurman, Irina Shayk and Brie Larson. But they don’t just go topless on the lid, mascara was also used very sparingly. There is no trace of false eyelashes anywhere on the French Riviera. The 2023 beauty trend is generally moving in the direction of clean aesthetics, which excludes dramatic looks. Just try it out, because it has many advantages: the mascara cannot smear, the appearance is much more natural and the look looks fresher. Those who are not blessed with sweeping eyelashes can curl them with an eyelash curler and then apply clear eyebrow gel.

3. Not the red next door

Scarlett Johanson, Catrinel Marlon and Frida Aasen
Scarlett Johansson, Catrinel Marlon and Frida Aasen opt for the same shade of red on their lips.

©Getty Images

Yes, it has to be exact this be red! Admittedly, a red lip on the red carpet isn’t exactly a surprise. Most of the time, however, the stars go for a richer nuance with blue undertones – which, by the way, also make the teeth appear whiter. But Scarlett Johanson, Catrinel Marlon and Frida Aasen don’t seem to need that and use a color somewhere between red and orange. This lipstick really shines and literally screams summer. If you like it more subtle at home, you can use a less opaque product such as a lip tint, tinted lip care or colored oil.

Caution: These lipstick colors make your teeth look yellow

All three beauty trends from Cannes make it clear: reduction makes the glamor factor. It doesn’t matter whether the eyeshadow is kept simple or an accent is set with a bright lip – but only a bright lip. The stars in Cannes love it puristic in 2023 and that is exactly what we want.


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