Burning eyes: symptoms, causes and what helps against it +2023

Burning eyes
Here’s how to get rid of them!

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Burning eyes are uncomfortable and painful. We’ll show you how to get rid of the symptoms, such as redness and the itching associated with it.

Everyone probably wants a carefree life without any symptoms. But instead we are annoyed by itchy, reddened and burning eyes that hurt so badly. There can be a variety of causes behind eye pain. What you can do against burning eyes – Brigitte will explain it to you!

accompanying symptoms

As if burning eyes weren’t unpleasant enough, they often occur in connection with other complaints. These include above all:

  • red eyes
  • increased tear flow
  • increased eye blinking
  • Itching on the edges of the lids
  • a foreign body sensation in the eye
  • increased mucus formation
  • general pain when opening the eyes

Burning eyes: possible causes

The list of possible causes of burning eyes is endless. The reasons range from eyestrain, an allergy to a possible illness. Sometimes the causes are obvious, for example if chlorine water or sunscreen or shampoo gets into the eye while showering. However, the cause of burning eyes is not always clear. We have therefore listed some of the possible triggers here.

The general rule: When eyes itch and burn, this is often a reaction to environmental influences. If there is a yellowish discharge along with the burning sensation, then bacterial or viral infection is very likely.


Our eyes are overworked faster than we would like. Hours of work on the computer, long reading in books, on the tablet or on the cell phone damage our eyes. The reason for this lies in the concentrated reading and working, and the few blinks, which puts a lot of strain on our eyes and often do not lubricate them enough.

Dry eyes

Dry eyes can also be a cause of burning eyes. In this case, the natural tear fluid is not sufficient to sufficiently moisten the conjunctiva and cornea of ​​the eye. Insufficient production of tear fluid or an insufficient composition of the tear fluid are just two possible reasons why the eyes start to burn, become red, dry and tired. Drafts, dry air and tobacco smoke intensify the symptoms.


Many of us suffer from allergies and often get burning eyes as a result. This is not only annoying, but can also be quite painful. If the symptoms appear especially in spring or summer, you should definitely consult a doctor and do an allergy test. Whether pollen, grass, house dust, animal hair or food, the list of possible causes of your burning eyes is long and should therefore be examined more closely.

contact lenses

Environmental conditions are particularly difficult for contact lens wearers. Wearing contact lenses puts a lot of strain on your eyes every day, which can lead to burning eyes.

conjunctivitis or corneal inflammation

Rather rare, but cannot be ruled out immediately, is conjunctivitis and corneal inflammation. Your burning eyes can herald conjunctivitis in this way, which is why it can first be considered as the cause. If this is caused by bacteria, you will be given antibiotic treatment by your doctor. Corneal inflammation can also lead to burning eyes.


Unfortunately, drugs often have side effects. Reduced tear fluid production is a possible trigger for dry eyes in particular, but also for burning eyes. Drugs that lower blood pressure, pain relievers, and vitamin A-related drugs are just a few examples that can cause eye pain. If the doctor finds out that taking it causes the symptoms in your eyes, he will prescribe you an alternative medicinal product.


Illnesses such as rheumatism, diabetes or a thyroid disease can promote a lubricating disorder with burning eyes as a result. In some cases, it can also be ocular rosacea. Typical symptoms of the skin disease are red, sensitive and burning eyes and crusted lid edges. Chronically dry eyes, inflammation of the lid margins due to clogged sebaceous glands or, in particularly severe cases, inflammation of the choroid are other possible triggers.

What helps with burning eyes?

Burning eyes are super uncomfortable, so it’s all the more important that you do something about it quickly.

  • Cosmetic products such as shampoos, sunscreen or similar caught your eye In this case, it usually helps if you rinse your burning eyes with clear water. If that doesn’t help, have someone look over the packaging instructions again, if necessary, tips are noted there.
  • Are dry eyes For example, the cause of the burning eyes, eye drops are advisable because they soothe the irritated eyes and regenerate the natural tear film. So the eye is sufficiently moistened again and is better protected against external influences such as wind. We recommend you these eye dropbecause they are well tolerated, particularly gentle on your eyes, contain important moisturizing substances such as hyaluronic acid and dexpanthenol and do not contain colourings, fragrances or preservatives.
  • This is also a suitable alternative to eye drops eye spray. It is unpreserved and well tolerated, odorless and particularly recommended for sore eyes, pollen allergies, hay fever and for people who wear contact lenses. Simply spray on the closed eye.
  • allergy sufferers usually have prescription eye drops that relieve the discomfort and keep the eyes from drying out.
  • Do you sit a lot in front of the screen for work and have your eyes so tired and burning? grab one cooling mask, because it quickly relieves the symptoms and relaxes the eyes. Simply place them on your closed eyelids for a few minutes and repeat the process as needed.
  • Your burning eyes are not relieved even after several days, are super sensitive to light and the pain is becoming more and more uncomfortable? Go to the nearest ophthalmologist immediately and have your eyes examined thoroughly.

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