Britney TOKYO: Celebrity nail artist reveals what nail trends we’ll be wearing in 2023

Britney TOKYO: Celebrity nail artist reveals what nail trends we’ll be wearing in 2023 +2023

Britney TOKYO: She is THE nail artist for stars like Paris Hilton, Rita Ora and Kim Petras. We not only spoke to the celebrity nail designer about trends for 2023, but also about the preferences of her famous customers.

Y2K – the decade of short skirts, crop tops and French manicures! In terms of fashion, we see the 2000s everywhere. Whether colorful pearl necklaces or decorated logo shirts – the decade attracts attention and delights fashionable minds. Together with Y2K icon Paris Hilton, Klarna is looking at this time and the “Evolution of Shopping & Trends” as part of the “That’s smoooth” campaign. Klarna captures the exciting insights in the global Y2K report. Noticeable about the results? nail trends!

This is also the opinion of the nail artist of the campaign, Britney TOKYO, who can hardly save herself from celebrity customers. Paris Hilton, Charli Damelio, Kim Petras, Rita, Ora, Harry Styles? Have all been with her. And the list goes on. No wonder we interviewed her about the latest nail trends and her experiences with the stars and starlets.

BRIGITTE: The French manicure with white tips defined the 2000s like almost no other nail trend. How do we wear the classic French design today?

Britney TOKYO: The French manicure is an all-time favorite. In 2023 we will see more of the beloved classic but with a trendier design on top, for example with line art – the design is very cute.

Accessories such as pearls, rhinestones and ornaments are very popular. How to decorate nails this year?

What we’ll be seeing more and more of in 2023 is Y2K-inspired nail art. It’s not really a surprise that this trend is extremely popular right now. I would predict that nail piercings will be popular in 2023.

What shape and length do we see on the nails?

The most popular shapes in 2023 will undoubtedly be ‘Long Square’ or a beautiful almond shape. Most of my celebrity clients, like Paris Hilton, like the almond shape best as it goes very well with dresses.

Press On Nails are back again, as the Klarna report shows. How come?

I feel like glued-on nails are back more than ever as the pandemic has made it that little bit harder to get your nails done in a salon. Press On Nails are a very good alternative. Pro tip: they last about a week with nail glue.

Her first celebrity client was Vanessa Hudgens. How did this happen?

Very simple: I met her through one of my friends. After that I did her nails for Coachella.

And how did the jump to other celebrity customers come about?

I get most of the messages via Instagram or one of my existing customers recommends me and my work.

Do your prominent customers have special requests?

The wishes are no different than other customers. However, I know that celebs are very busy and I always try to get their nails done as soon as possible. Usually clients who ask for home visits give me more creative freedom and let me make my own designs.

Paris Hilton with a manicure by nail artist Britney TOKYO.

Paris Hilton with a manicure by nail artist Britney TOKYO.

© Klarna/PR

You were responsible for Paris Hilton’s manicure for Klarna’s latest campaign. Are there any guidelines you need to follow when doing your manicure?

Paris likes almond shaped nails with french nail art. Sometimes crystals are added. But she usually chooses either the signature French or solid color manicure when she’s with me.

They also did Paris Hilton’s nails for her baby reveal post on Instagram. What was the thought behind the clean design?

The thing is, we never know when her hands or nails will be captured in photos. So, like any other customer, I make sure that her nails are clean and well-groomed from all angles and also from different angles.

Is there a nail design that you are proud of?

Oh yes, Harry Styles’ nails! I am very happy to see that both men and women enjoy their nail art, thanks in part to him.

Which material do you use for your modelling, gel or acrylic powder?

Since I no longer use acrylic, it’s gel for me. I use the Gel-X which is a new type of gel extension. I myself, but also my customers, love Gel-X more than acrylic.

And, finally, what do you think of viral nail trends like Hailey Bieber’s “Glazed Donut” nails?

I’ve always been very interested in this design and have done it myself so I’m so happy to see everyone getting their nails done this way because of her.


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