Bridal hair colors: 10 bridal hair colors that will suit your wedding dress in the summer of 2023

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What color should the bride’s hair be? What are the hair colors that are compatible with the wedding dress? Read on and let’s find the bridal hair colors for you together.

We know that brides-to-be have many things on their to-do list before their wedding day. The selection of the wedding hall, the final checks on the final equipment and decor in the venue, the coordination with the caterers, the song selection and many other unthinkable details… And of course, one of the most important things to add to this long list; bridal hair color choice!

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Choosing a hair color for the highly anticipated wedding day is the highlight of many brides’ to-do lists. Some choose to make minor changes to their natural hair color, while some brides choose to add small highlights to add softness and shine. Some brave brides may decide to make a radical color change. Whether you’ve been dyeing your hair for years or thinking about dyeing it for the first time, you have many color options to have gorgeous hair on this unique day.

Here are the top 10 that will go very well with your wedding dress. wedding hair color suggestion!

when should you dye your hair

When should you dye your hair before the wedding for the perfect bridal hair color?

You’re probably wondering when you should change your hair color before your wedding. The best hairdressers in the industry recommend that brides dye their hair on average one week before their wedding. This way, there is plenty of time for the color to settle and look more natural.

The most suitable hair colors for the wedding dress

The most eye-catching bridal hair colors at your wedding

Usually, hairdressers suggest that if a bride-to-be has never dyed her hair, she should opt for a slightly lighter shade than her normal hair color. In this way, you can have a more lively aura on your wedding day. Also, even a small change can make your hair look more natural, shiny, and better when styled.

If you have a light hair color or are planning a stronger change, going for deeper colors, ombre or ashy highlights will add effortless texture and dimension to your look.

To make it easier, we’ve compiled some of the most popular hair color trends for you when you’re planning to dye your hair. If you’re curious, start reading now!

Natural blackDark brown

1. Natural black/Dark brown bridal hair color

Sounds a bit mundane, doesn’t it? However, choosing a natural hair color on the wedding day is not a bad option at all. Because choosing a color that you know for sure will suit you will be a very safe choice.

If you still want to do something different, you can give your hair more shine by renewing its natural color. If you have a light brown hair color, you can add a nice touch to your hair color by choosing a slightly darker brown. However, dyeing your hair black just before the wedding can be a bit risky. When there is not enough time for the color to set well black hair colorcan make your hair look like a wig.

If you are determined to dye your hair black and you have enough time, then Nevacolor Naturalis Vegan Blue Black ( hair dye, you can carry the brightest state of black to your hair.

Light brown

2. Light brown bridal hair color

If you are looking for a simple color that will not only look great but will save you a lot of time during this intense preparation process, light brown hair colour great choice! You can choose a color one or two shades lighter than your natural color to achieve the most natural and radiant state of light brown. You can easily find information online about whether you should use a warm or cool-toned brown, depending on your skin tone.

Nevacolor Premium Intense Light Brown ( about adding a natural glow to the glamorous magic of your wedding dress with hair dye?

ashy brown

3. Ashy Brown Bridal Hair Color

When we think of ashy coffee, we think of a color tone where brown meets cold gray tones. Ash brown hair colorIn recent years, it has become the favorite of those who want a small change in their hair. Especially if you are a bride with brown hair and do not want a radical change in your hair for your wedding day, Exicolor 5.71 Ash Brown (,PR-194.htmlYou should definitely try the hair dye.

chocolate coffee

4. Chocolate brown bridal hair color

Delicious chocolate coffee! A glamorous color that can look great on your hair with the right choice of hair dye. Carrying the sweetest form of chocolate to the hair chocolate brown hair colorIt is also one of the great options for brides-to-be.

One of the easiest brown tones to apply for brides, Nevaton Chocolate Brown ( hair dye is a timeless color and gives a sensual look for all skin tones. You can choose this color for your wedding day with peace of mind.


5. Ombre bridal hair color

The ombre process, which is done by gradually changing the hair color to lighter or darker tones, has become a trend of recent years. It is so popular because it can adapt to any skin tone. ombre Among its colors, there can be both natural and assertive color tones. The most popular feature of ombre hair color is that there is no need for bottom dye. If you wish, you can easily make ombre by coloring only the ends of your hair.

If you are a bride who wants to have a bold and glamorous look, NevaBlond Ombre&Babylightsombre ( will definitely be a great way to change your hair.

chestnut color

chestnut color

6. Chestnut bridal hair color

which is undeniably striking chestnut hair colorcombines the warmth of red with the natural tones of brown. The mix of these two bold colors creates a charming chestnut hue that brings dark colors to life. Moreover, this special shade transforms every hair into a multidimensional color, whether textured or straight, adding a unique shine.

Especially a great way to color your natural brown curls, chestnut hair can easily add warmth and dimension to your look, creating a perfect harmony with your wedding dress. Nevacolor Premium Chestnut hair dye ( and your future spouse will fall in love with you again on your wedding day😊

wine red

7. Wine Red Bride Hair Color

With red reflections on dark auburn wine red hair color, it is often confused with copper hair colors because of its appearance. However, there are no copper reflections in the wine red color. In this assertive color with only red reflections, there are not orangeish reflections, but dark red and even burgundy reflections.

If you want a look that will be engraved in the memory of all guests with your assertive hair color on your wedding day, Nevaton Wine Red ( hair color, just for you!


8. Caramel bridal hair color

Caramel, which is always among the trend colors, is also very trendy when it comes to bridal hair colors. If you already have dark brown hair color, you can use it as a base and add caramel highlights. Nevacolor Naturalis Caramel, which provides a natural glow as if it has been opened from the sun, while making your hair look shiny and bright. hair colourIt will add a unique elegance to your hair on your wedding day.

bronze brown

9. Bronze Brown Bridal Hair Color

Brides-to-be, especially those who plan to have an autumn wedding, prefer to go for darker hair colors. bronze brown hair colorIt stands out as one of the hair colors that gives a lively and bright appearance by being among the trends of every season. Bronze brown, which is from the auburn hair family where dark brown and copper come together, is among the wedding hair color preferences of many famous names. Moreover, this color fits perfectly with every face shape and skin color.

For example, if you like Hande Ercel’s hair color, then Nevacolor Premium Bronze Brown (,PR-83.html) you can choose your hair color without thinking.


10. Copper bridal hair color

with many different tones copper hair colorconsists of undertones of red. Among the most popular copper color tones; Cinnamon, brown, red and caramel colors are included. This impressive hair color, which attracts everyone’s attention with all its tones, is especially appealing to bride candidates who are in search of difference.

Nevacolor Naturalis Sultan Copper, which catches a fascinating harmony with the innocent whiteness of the wedding dress ( be ready to turn heads with your beauty on your wedding day by choosing your hair color!

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