Blonde Pink Ombre Formula

To color the extensions pink, I used the following products:
– Koleston Perfect 10/0
– Koleston Perfect 0/65
– Welloxon 20vol developer
You need to mix the above products together in ratio
1 part (10/0) + 1 part (0/65) + 2 parts (developer)
To color the entire set of extensions, you’ll need to use at least 1,5 tube of 10/0 and 1,5 tube of 0/65.
To color several wefts only, you can use 1 tube 10/0 and 1 tube 0/65.
Some extra tools you’re going to need are
– a hair coloring brush
– aluminium foils
– thin plastic gloves
– a hair conditioner for dry/damaged hair
– a comb
– a towel


The products and tools I u10.0-koleston-p-001sed to color the extensions dark blonde
– L’Oreal Excellence Creme 9.1
– a hair coloring brush
– a comb
– a towel
To color the entire set of extensions you are going to need two boxes of hair dye. A single box will be enough if you want to color just a couple of wefts.
Please keep in mind that the final result always depends on the initial hair color and may not correspond to the picture on the box.
The general rule is that when we want to tone the hair down, the result will be more ashy than that shown on the picture, so you may want to choose a slightly warmer shade than the one you really want to achieve.

IMPORTANT: when applying the hair dye, try to omit areas around the clips – they are made of metal and in reaction with developer they may stain the hair.
Well, these stains won’t be really visible since the extensions will be covered by your own hair, but if you’d still like to be 100% sure that there won’t be any stains, one solution is to remove the clips before the entire procedure and sew them back once the hair is colored and dry.




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