Blake Lively’s thirst trap proves she never fails to tease her husband +2023

From Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds being spat on by a public lover via his Instagram story, to Lively announcing his fourth child, The Green Lantern Actors have given us many front-seat moments in their Tom and Jerry dynamics. This is one Hollywood couple that many of us consider couple goals due to their cute chemistry.

As we near the end of the year, we want to bring back the iconic moment Lively nonchalantly posted a bikini pic and tagged her husband without any explanation. And if the white short-sleeved top and pants showing off her perfect legs influence us to that extent, we’re sure Ryan Reynolds has an Instagram-worthy reaction to it, too.

Blake Lively teases Ryan Reynolds

That shallows The actress posted a picture just a day before her 35th birthday and it looks like Lively had been on a birthday holiday somewhere in Ibiza enjoying the beautiful sunshine. While many of us have been busy commenting on “Goddess” and “Slay Queen” in the comments, a few noticed that the A simple favor The actress had tagged her husband.

Now we can assume that Lively may have tagged her husband for taking the photo. But the elegant display of her summer body in a white bikini with her gorgeous smile as the sun makes her shine, paired with a bow by @vancityreynolds is far too intentional to be a coincidence. The thirst trap did not go unnoticed by the fans of the actress. And since lovebirds like to outdo each other, we think Blake Lively set a thirst trap to offset the many thirst traps her husband has set in the past.

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Did Ryan Reynolds react?

Just when we thought the Dead Pool The actor may not have noticed the post, he left a comment. But instead of singing the praises of Lively’s summer body, the actor-turned-marketer genius drew attention to his football club. “Wrexham is the Ibiza of Wales,” the Dead Pool actor commented.

Now, fan theories have shifted from the fact that this may have been a thirst trap to a marketing gimmick. Either way, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have our full attention.

Do you think Blake Lively posted a thirst trap for Ryan Reynolds? Let us know in the comments below.

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