Biotin Shampoo: The miracle cure for hair loss?

Biotin Shampoo: The miracle cure for hair loss? +2023

Biotin Shampoo is a legendary product that is said to provide an enviable head of hair. But how much truth is there behind it?

Volume, shine, fullness – are you still dreaming of that? A biotin shampoo should come to the rescue, because that valuable vitamin B7 is traded as a guarantee for a healthy hair root. But what’s behind the hype? Can a shampoo really add body and shine, or is it all just nonsense? BRIGITTE has the answer!

What is biotin?

Biotin is a B vitamin and therefore also called Vitamin B7 or H known as it not only improves our skin, but also our hair. who with brittle fingernails is struggling can also help with the B vitamin. But that’s not all the beauty vitamin can do. Also at metabolism it plays an important role because it helps to process cholesterol, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. A real miracle cure that is mainly taken through food, but also through dietary supplements. So one can Biotin Shampoo really deliver on the promise of better hair?

Biotin Shampoo – what can it really do?

Shampoos are credited with much more than they actually do. Your only job is to to clean the scalplike this soft and effectively as possible. But many shampoo manufacturers are now advertising with promises that correspond more to fabulous magic than the actual effect. Because shampoos do not have the properties of conditioners, hair masks or oils. They don’t care, they clean. So how does that fit in? Biotin Shampoo together? Actually not at all, because a biotin shampoo alone cannot improve the hair. What it can do is support the natural intake of biotin from food or supplements.

Why is biotin good for hair?

Hair has to be nurtured and cared for, after all it is almost one science in itself. The scalp therefore needs a very different kind of devotion than, for example, the tips, which are ultimately nothing more than dead tissue. But what can biotin do for our hair? On the one hand, it stimulates that hair growth on and strengthens the rootson the other hand it provides more volume and shine. Hair breakage or even hair loss can be avoided with the help of biotin.

Biotin shampoo – the miracle cure for hair loss?

What the root usually lacks in hair loss are vitamins. In addition to vitamins A, D and E, this also includes B vitamins such as B12 and B7, i.e. biotin. If you’re noticing hair loss, you may be deficient in one of these vitamins. You can work against this with the help of biotin capsules, for example. However, there is no guarantee for fuller hair, because exceptions are of course also possible here, for example in the case of circular hair loss, in which taking more vitamins against hair loss unfortunately does not work. Biotin shampoo cannot help in this case either. It is best to talk to a doctor if you have patchy hair loss.

The best biotin capsules

Our body produces biotin itself, but only in small amounts, so we have to help with food and supplements. Biotin Capsules there is a way to compensate for a deficiency if too little is ingested through food. However, the capsules not only contain pure biotin, they are enriched with zinc and selenium. Zinc activates the metabolism and thus stimulates the supply of nutrients to the scalp. Selenium helps with oxidative stress and protects cells. Thus, the biotin capsules not only have positive effects on our hair rootsbut also on ours skin and nails.

The symptoms of a biotin deficiency

A biotin deficiency can occur in different life situations. For example, when taking antibiotics, while breastfeeding or with heavy alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. To identify if you are suffering from a biotin deficiency, you can do the following symptoms regard:

  • Lackluster hair
  • Brittle nails
  • hair loss
  • Blemished skin
  • fatigue
  • mood swings
  • Lack of appetite

In general, a biotin deficiency is more likely rarely because we already cover our daily requirements through food. If you suspect a deficiency, talk to a doctor about your suspicion and potential treatment options.

These foods contain biotin

Besides taking supplements, the best way to get biotin into the body is through food. Many foods contain the important vitamin B:

  • milk and milkproducts
  • eggs
  • bananas
  • tomatoes
  • spinach
  • mushrooms
  • oatmeal
  • Nuts (peanuts, walnuts, almonds)
  • Yeast
  • Fish (herring, trout, redfish, cod)
  • liver (beef, pork)

According to the DGE (German Society for Nutrition), adults should take 40 μg/day of biotin. For pregnant women, the ideal value is even 45 μg/day.

Which nutrients also help with hair growth?

In addition to biotin, which forms keratin with the help of protein, which in turn is responsible for a strong and resistant structureIf hair worries, there are others nutrientthat our body needs for healthy hair:

  • proteins: They influence how our hair looks, i.e. the structure and color intensity.
  • vitamins: Not only vitamin B is important, but also A, D and E. Vitamin D in particular ensures strong hair roots, which means that the hair falls out less.
  • trace elements: Sometimes it’s amazing what our body needs to run smoothly. Zinc, for example, can also help against hair loss, as can iron and selenium – all of which in turn ensure a stable immune system. Also important is copper, which promotes elastin, which helps maintain a healthy scalp, making hair less likely to fall out.

What else can I do against hair loss?

Especially on TikTok there are now various hair trends and tips that women with fantastically long and shiny hair swear by. This also includes rosemary water and Scalp oiling. But caution is advised here, because anyone who hopes for a miracle with both or one of these methods is far from it. You only have success with scalp oiling, just like with the use of rosemary water, if you do it daily applies – for at least six months. The rosemary water should be freshly prepared and used up within a few days. With oil for scalp oiling, it is important that it does not attack the scalp. This means that pure rosemary oil, for example, is far too aggressive. If you choose this method, choose an oil that suits your hair texture, such as jojoba oil for wavy hair.

In addition to rosemary water and scalp oiling, you can do it with a massage try out. Either with your hands or one scalp brush. But use them not in the showerto work in your shampoo! Your hair is much too sensitive when it is wet because it swells up due to the heat of the water. If you now use a scalp brush, hair breakage or split ends will occur. To avoid this, have a small massage session in the morning, afternoon or evening – on dry hair. This is not only relaxing for your scalp, but also for the soul.


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